Hi! My name is

Boo Boo



Holland Lop


Date of Birth
October 18, 2016

Located In

About Boo Boo

Well hello there! My name is Boo Boo and I would love to meet yoo!

I am a pretty relaxed, easy-going guy and I love quietly exploring outside of my pen. I like to see if I can find all the little spaces I might fit into or can hop up onto. After I have roamed a bit I need to lay down and just chill out by myself or maybe even come sit down beside someone who will rub my ears and nose. My foster mom says I am sooooo silky soft! I prefer to be on my feet but if you know how to properly and gently pick me up I am ok to be moved.

When I am out exploring I am very respectful and will promptly return to my litter box (or very close to it anyway) when I need to go. I have not made any wet spots outside of my litter box. I am ok hanging out in my spacious pen, but I like to get out for even more space every time the gate is opened for me. I can always be enticed to go back in…with a tasty treat…because… I really enjoy food, food, and more food. I know just where they keep all my treats! I will be your friend for life if you are the one that gives me my food every day.

I am not one for jumping very high but I do like to have a better view of my environment so you will often find me sitting up on my kennel. I love tunnels! When I am out of my pen I go through the tunnel over and over. I am not overly playful as I consider myself to be quite mature. But I do enjoy getting my hay from tissue boxes and bags. I like to use my brain. I don’t chew much unless it’s on my tasty hay or other treats.

When I first met my new foster family I was a little shy but I have warmed up very quick to everyone – although I have absolutely fallen in love with one special little eleven-year-old girl. I am so happy when I see her that I go to her happily and request love in the form of snuggles and ear rubs. The foster mom is a little jealous that I love the girl the most! I am really ok with everyone and will warm up fast.

I will make such a respectful and calm pet as a part of your family.

My adoption fee is $75.

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