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Domestic Medium Hair


Date of Birth
April 4, 2020

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About Yaris

“What a long journey but I finally made it to a safe and loving place…..thank you AARCS!

I have had a rough start and been through a lot in my short two years of life but thanks to the wonderful rescuers and all the lovely people at AARCS I am on the right path to finding my furever home. I came in severely matted so I got a haircut right down to my pink skin but don’t despair I am still a stunning boy and I feel so much better now that my skin doesn’t hurt. I also had a cracked tooth which the doctors removed and they also cleaned all the gunk out of my ears. Just when things were looking up I got a really bad cold and was diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. Yep, all this and I am only two. However, please don’t despair as I have many good years ahead of me. All I ask is that I find a loving home that will take care of me and I won’t be alone anymore.

So now that we got some history out of the way let me tell you about my finer qualities.

My name is Yaris.
Unlike the car that I am named after I am not compact but I am loaded with fabulous fun features. I have these long, gangly legs that seem to get in my way when I try to run. I slip and slide all over the floor so my brake and steering systems aren’t fine tuned. I am not overly sporty either as my preference in life is to cruise to a nap or just idle quietly while looking out the window. I love to lay on my foster dad’s tummy while he is playing his games or beside him if he is laying down watching TV. We are the best of buds.

I think in my past I was always waiting for scraps so if you go to the kitchen I will follow. In fact if you move and I think there may be food involved I will follow. I am a good eater even though the darn kidney food isn’t my first choice but if that’s what I need to keep me going then I will make that sacrifice.

Currently I am with a foster sister who is slightly younger than me and definitely smaller but we get along great. Sometimes I forget how big I am so she will remind me by hissing at me and run away. She likes to play chase anyways but I think she does that just so she can watch me look goofy and she wins every time. The odd time I can get a little over stimulated when playing but I am quickly learning to refocus so older kids would be better for me right now. I love a few head pets but not too many as I am very content just being around you. You can also pick me up but I prefer my feet closer to the ground.

I would love for you to come and meet me as I have lots of love to give!

I am so worth meeting!”

Good with Cats?

Yes, Good with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Not tested with Dogs yet

Good with Kids?

Not tested with Kids yet

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Medical Special Needs - Early stage kidney disease. Requires a kidney or renal diet- Needs URTI medical disclosure

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