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October 1, 2021

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“Hello my name is Kauri and I know I am the the puppy you have been looking for!”

I was born October 1, 2021 and am 1-year-old, now. I am a very energetic girl and would so enjoy an active lifestyle including hiking, running, and maybe even sledding or skijoring if someone could help me learn the basics. I’m currently learning not to bark and pull towards things I may be excited or frustrated about. I really want to visit, but I need to work on my polite greetings. Part of this is I need good exercise before I start making good choices on leash.

I absolutely LOVE car rides! I lay down in a ball on the back seat waiting for our next adventure. I missed the class where we learn how to communicate with our own kind. I come off initially as bossy and intimidating with my “bark, bark, bark” but once I learn that the other dogs are okay with my forward intros. I seem to do well coping if they want to PLAY! I enjoy rough and tumble, fall off the bed style play! I have met a couple of indoor cats, I wasn’t sure what to make of them, so an only animal home would be best for me. Trust me, I love attention and am devoted to my people. I LOVE the local private Off-leash parks where I can go full ZOOM and get my energy out.

I would love to play tug-o-war and fetch with you; those are my favourite games! I like to chew things, especially my Nylabone. I do best with rubber chew toys because stuffed, squeaky toys are meant for one thing – to destroy!

I have learned a few tricks, too. I know how to sit, shake-a-paw, and chill. When I need to go outside to do my business, I will pace by the door until you let me out. I would really love to have a fenced in yard to play in! I do exceptionally well in my crate, although I do like to be rewarded with a treat for going in there. I go in the crate very nicely when you need to leave the house for a while and also when it is bedtime. I will have a nice relaxing siesta until you are ready to let me out.

I am a bit of a whirlwind when it comes to eating my meals, so I eat out of a slow-feeder dish. I did have a bit of an issue with socks and blankets a few months back; they looked yummy, so I ate them. I have since learned that 1 – trips to the emergency are not fun and 2 – food is much tastier than blankets or socks (especially dirty ones).

Despite being a rambunctious girl, I am loyal and loving. I will follow you around the house, to make sure you will always be safe. When you want to relax and watch some TV, I will cuddle up with you on the couch. I am not too sure about littles, though. They seem interesting enough, but I am afraid I could hurt them because I like to play with my mouth (even though I don’t have my top front teeth) and roughhouse. Because of this, I would do best in a home where any kids are 16 or older.

Please come and meet me; I would love to make you my forever best friend.” – xo, Kauri

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Kids 16+ Recommended

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Both, Medical and Behavioural - Medical - food allergies to chicken, Behavioural - high energy, jumpy, and mouthy when excited

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