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Date of Birth
October 1, 2021

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About Kauri

“Hello my name is Kauri and I know I am the the puppy you have been looking for!

I was born Oct 1st and am almost 10-months old. I love to play with my dog foster sister; inside and outside. We love to play fetch, tug-o-war, and a rough style wrestling, but I would do best in a home of my own.  When my foster sister is tired, I sometimes don’t understand that she does not what to play anymore, so I will chew on a Nylabone and keep myself busy.  When my foster mom and dad take me out for a walk, I like to lead and try and visit with everyone even though I am not allowed to, but I still try.

I have learned a few things while being at my foster home. I know the difference between inside and outside. If I need to go outside, I will stand by the door. If you happen not to see me, I will dance around until you do. It’s important for me to have a fully fenced yard to play in at my new home! I can sit and wait for you to fill my slow feeder dish but, once you fill it, look out – I am a whirlwind and like to eat. Speaking of eating, sometimes I like to munch on socks. I know that they are bad for me, but sometimes I can’t help it.

When my foster dad goes to work I like to snuggle up to my foster mom on the couch and enjoy quiet time. When it is our time to work, I will lay on the floor beside my foster mom and watch her work and snooze a little until my foster sister wants to play. I really like it when my foster dad comes home. I get very excited and almost knock him over, but once he sits down I will smother him with kisses.

At night, I will go into my kennel and sleep until it’s time to get up. I have also learned that, when my foster parents go out and I am put in my kennel, they will return. Sometimes, I express my opinion when they leave, but I know they will come back. I am not too sure about littles, either human or animal. They seem interesting enough, but I am afraid I could hurt them because I like to play with my mouth and rough house a little. Because of this I would do best in a home where any kids are 16 or older, and I might be too rambunctious for smaller dogs or other animals.

I am eager to meet you and give you all of my love!” – xo, Kauri

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Only dog in the home

Good with Kids?

Kids 16+

Do I Need Special Care?

Both, Medical and Behavioural - Medical - food allergies to chicken, Behavioural - high energy, jumpy and mouthy when excited

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