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Retriever, Labrador/Mix


Date of Birth
February 18, 2016

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About Asker

Photos courtesy of liv creativ photography

A whole lotta of love from a whole lotta dog!!

Asker came to us because her owner was brave enough to flee a domestic violence situation and loved Asker so much to save her and give her the best life possible with help from AARCS. You would never know what Asker has seen and been through because she is always happily wagging her tail, bouncing around, and snuggling as if she was a 100lb lap dog.

Asker has fit right in with her foster dog friends and loves to be around and play but her foster brother and sister are not heavy players, so they spend a lot of time together snuggled on the couch, but we have had playdates with a St Bernard puppy and Asker loved zooming all around and boxing with her. Mealtime and toys are chaotic as Asker is a typical Labrador and food and toys are the best thing ever! However Asker can get a little protective over both but everyday is becoming more comfortable sharing her items.

In our foster home we have two cats that have not enjoyed their foster sister as much as she likes to chase them, but they are learning to coexist slowly. She has loved spending time, running around, and snuggling with my two kids as well even sleeps on my daughter’s bed with her using Asker as a pillow.

Asker is an older gal of six; however, she has tons of life left in her, just put a leash on her and she magically turns back into a 3-year-old puppy again, right down to the pulling to get pets and love from everyone she sees. Asker is fully house-trained and loves to sleep in a sunny patch during the day and then meet you at the door with a thud of her tail you can hear as soon as you get close to the door! She is working on her doggie manners and is an eager to practice as it brings treats and Asker loves her treats.

She is a little chubby and we are getting her weight down so she can many more years zooming around the yard with her doggie friends. Asker is the best of both worlds – an outdoor explorer who will be right next to you on the couch helping you enjoy that snack. She will bring the drool and then snuggle on your lap for the rest of the night, so no blanket required.

Asker say’s “Can I sit on your lap and give you kisses, because I am a good girl, and I will love you forever?”

Good with Cats?


Good with Dogs?

Only tested with Larger Breed Dogs

Good with Kids?

Yes, Good with Kids

Do I Need Special Care?

Has bladder cancer, on metacam for remainder of life, likely palliative at this point.

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