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German Shepherd/Siberian Husky/Mix


Date of Birth
February 2, 2021

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About Urbana

“Hi I’m Urbana, or as my caregivers like to call me Boo-Boo!

I was found running across the highways in search of food. When approached I would run away as fast as I could to a place of safety, only to come back out again to eat. An incredible team of people set forth to save me, I didn’t know it at the time, when they approached me I was terrified!

They took me into AARCS and I was placed on a 10 day hold. There were limited people handling me and I would choose to hide behind my blanket instead of interacting with them. Slowly but surely they came around and tossed me treats, got me some food dispensing toys! Kibble and treats are great and all, but hooman food is still my favourite!

It was loud and scary at the shelter at first, but with some attention from the caregivers I started to become more curious, sniffing their outreached hands, or their backs when they came to visit. Some time passed and I got more comfortable with this arrangement, because hey, who doesn’t like treats!

My foster mom would get low to the ground, stretch out her fingers, and then run away. Wait…. What!!! Why did she run away! I’ve gotta go investigate this. I scuttled forward and got low. Then I ran back to my place of comfort, just in case. This is where I started to learn how to play Tag.

I was welcomed into the Dog Office, this was scary at first, but she would start to play Tag with me in here, this turned into the game Peek-a-boo as she would go and run away herself. Then I would work up the courage to go find her. Hoomans are strange I tell you! I think that’s why my name is Boo-Boo these days.

I’ve met new dog friends, play was awkward at first as these dogs did not know Tag or Peek-a-boo. Hmmm, maybe if I get down low and try to kiss their faces, would this work? Then I met Newt! He started to teach me how to play with other dogs. Each interaction is awkward, but I’m building confidence and making new friends!

Foster mom is patient with me as I learn where the appropriate place to go potty is. I tend to pee on my bed or in my kennel. In my previous life, this was how I kept safe, less smells out there, for other dogs or predators to find me.

I’m still learning to walk on leash and what these things called ‘car rides’ are all about. It will be a slow journey with me – I require a quiet home, a well socialized dog companion, and a securely fenced yard to find out what being a ‘Dog’ is all about!” – xo, Urbana

Good with Cats?

Yes, Good with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Yes, Good with Dogs

Good with Kids?

Kids 16+

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Urbana is semi-feral and is still getting used to life, she is fearful and will need patient and committed adopters to help her through.

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