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Schnauzer, Miniature/Mix


Date of Birth
January 31, 2021

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About Heidi

“Hello, I am Heidi, and I am a very special schnauzer looking for an extraordinary fur-ever home with exceptional people willing to work with me to be my best self!

I have something my foster mom calls adipsia (pronounced a-dip-sa). Adipsia means that my brain does not tell me that I am thirsty, so I do not drink from a water bowl like a regular dog. I like to play in the water very much, but I will not drink from the water bowl no matter how thirsty my body gets because I do not know that I am thirsty. My foster mom has found out that if you put my kibbles in some water and leave the floating/soggy kibbles on a dish, I will get my daily water and food in one. My foster mom calls it “bobbing-for-kibbles”!

I try to get along with other dogs, but they do not always understand me, and I do not always understand them. I think I am fun and playful, but they do not, so I should be the only animal in the home. I do like to be outside. I run and run in circles. I zoom-zoom around areas that I feel comfortable in. I run after gophers and birds. I love to sniff and smell and dig. I love to play tug the toy and shake my toys hard. I play really well on my own. My foster mom calls me an independent dog.

I am also learning to play tug with my foster mom. Still, sometimes I get overstimulated, and I can bite her hand by accident. I am trying to learn to take food/treats from her hand, but sometimes I bite it by accident. I do guard my food and my toys against other dogs and people. My foster mom has been helping me with this trust issue, but I still find it hard to trust, so it is best I am the only pet and not around small children.

When I trust you enough, I will snuggle on your lap or beside you on the floor. I will even kiss you and lick your feet which my foster mom says tickles. I love my foster mom, but sometimes I get startled and can nip and bite at her. She is getting good at reading my body language and giving me space in my exercise pen (x-pen) when I need a time out. I do not mind sleeping in my kennel inside my x-pen and feel relatively safe there and go there on my own when I want my space.

House training is the hardest thing I’ve had to learn, but I’m slowly making progress. My foster mom says that I have made much progress, but I have more to learn. I just need a patient, loving human alpha in my life to help me be my best self. Are you that person?” – xo, Heidi

Good with Cats?

Not tested - best as only pet due to adipsia

Good with Dogs?

Okay with smaller dogs but best as only pet due to adipsia.

Good with Kids?


Do I Need Special Care?

Both, Medical and Behavioral - Adipsia, housetraining in progress - may never be fully trained, fearful, bites and mouths - working on trust.

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