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Australian Cattle Dog/German Shepherd/Mix


Date of Birth
October 20, 2021

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About Nugget

“HI! My name is Nugget and I’m here with my brother Bernie Bucket. We came into care with AARCS with our Mom Dinah and we are so glad that AARCS took us in! Our Mom is great but having to fend for herself and all nine of us puppies was way too much work for her.  Being an AARCS dog is the BEST!

We currently live with our foster brother and sister in Edmonton. They’re not really fond of us cause we are pretty jumpy and have way more energy than they do but we think they are really cool! We try to play with them every chance we get.

I’m told my brother and I are adorable – especially our floppy, over the head ears and my tail that NEVER stops moving! We go to work each day with our foster Mom where we are VERY popular. Everyone loves to come and visit us in our pen. They even bring kids for us to play with and we run and run and have a great time. Kids are great fun. We are learning that our little shark teeth hurt and are trying not to use them very much but it’s hard when we are excited.

We have lots of energy but after a little run around, generally settle down and have a nap – our Foster Mom says puppies need lots of sleep so we can grow up to be big dogs.  We have just started to go outside as it has been VERY cold here in Edmonton and we LOVE to play in the snow when it is not too cold.

We are both learning to use pee pads and our foster Mom says we are a “work in progress”….whatever that means. Bernie and I are really good at sleeping in our crates at night – we like to have a little run before bedtime and then can sleep almost all night without needing out to use the pee pads. We don’t mess in our kennels cause that is yucky.

I’m pretty competitive for food and try to eat my brother’s food all the time. He’s just too slow! Foster Mom says that’s not allowed and I have to leave Bernie’s food alone – he needs it so he can grow into a big dog too.

They tell me I have a heart murmur and sometimes I like to sleep more than my brother, but once I wake up…..look out! I’m all about playing and running around.

It would be great to be in a house all my own so I could be the center of attention – maybe with another active, playful dog that could be my BFF. I am a Shepherd/heeler crosses so an active home would likely be best. I like to tell stories so a stand-alone house would be great for me. I LOVE it when someone plays with me and like it when I can see my humans. I am young and would do really well with someone who will help me learn all there is to learn in the world! My Foster Mom says puppy classes would be really good for both of us – she says we get to learn things there and play with more puppies our own age, so that sounds like a great time.” – xo, Nugget


Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Good with tolerant dogs - VERY playful

Good with Kids?

Good with dog savvy kids 8+

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Medical Special Needs - Nugget is being assessed for a heart murmur - the AARCS' medical team will discuss

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