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Cane Corso/Mix


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October 13, 2015

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About Gargoyle

“I am a big couch potato and love to cuddle! I like to follow my humans from room to room to keep them company, and am always curled up close by in a sunny spot or right next to them on the couch. Bigger is better!!” – xo, Gargoyle

Gargoyle is a big, scary looking monster with a kind, little heart underneath!

Gargoyle was brought into AARCS’ care from another shelter. He is truly one where his “bark is worse than his bite”!  He looks like a big scary beast, but you hear his sad little yip-yip bark and he comes running to you with his teddy in his mouth and your heart will instantly melt. Gargoyle loves every person he meets! His bark is loud at times but you just have to watch for his little nub tail wag, so you know he is just telling you how excited he is to see you.

He has done well with other medium to large sized dogs he’s met, but due to his size and some potential guarding of food from other dogs, he would be best as the only dog in the home at this time. Gargoyle does love to play with other dogs, although his older body can’t keep up for too long. He isn’t a dude for dog parks, as he will knock other smaller dogs over like bowling pins, and terrify small children in the process!

That being said, he hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like, but his size and drool-shaking would be too much for any small toddler. A breed experienced home would be best, one with a bucket for a water bowl, and a few extra towels handy to clean up the mess shaken from his jowls as he goes. Gargoyle can pull on leash, and may bow-wow when he sees potential friends, but he means no harm – nonetheless if you apply for this beast, you must be as confident as he is, with the upper body strength to match.

As he is a senior for his breed, his walks may be limited and medical care may be required in the future. Gargoyle is a sweet boy looking for the right home – one with a yard to stretch his monstrous limbs every day.


Good with Cats?


Good with Dogs?

Best as only dog in the home for now

Good with Kids?

Kids 16+

Do I Need Special Care?

Both, Medical and Behavioral - Gargoyle is a senior dog for his breed and will need ongoing care for his joints. He can also bark when he sees other dogs, and needs a breed experienced home

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