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Collie, Rough/Mix


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August 24, 2017

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About Marino

“Hi! My name is Marino (aka Marnie) and I can’t wait to show you all the tricks I know! (Ok, spoiler alert, “roll over” is my fave!) I also love my ball so much that I will carry it on our walks so you can toss it in the air for me to catch while we’re walking.

My foster mom says I’m extremely smart (because, you know, border collie), people-friendly, and my house manners are impeccable. If you’re interested in learning more about what it’s like to live with me, my foster mom has the following to share:

“Marino is fully house trained and sleeps well through the night on the floor of our bedroom. When it’s time to go for a walk, she politely waits for me to get ready. Marino walks great on leash and very much enjoys both fast-paced walks and longer medium-paced walks. The walks, along with Marino’s favorite game of playing fetch, will be key in helping Marino maintain a healthy weight. She likes to carry her ball and will drop it on command as she knows that means you’ll toss it in the air for her to catch, which is very rewarding for her. Given her predominant border collie breed, both physical and mental exercise will be required, so enrichment activities and puzzle toys are a must.

On our walks, Marino is interested in meeting some dogs and others she just walks by. Although Marino will happily carry her ball, she does not wish to share her ball with any other dog. On rare occasion, if she thinks the other dog looks like a legitimate ball-stealer, she’ll do a low growl so there’s no confusion as to whose ball it is. Our backyard has a chain-link fence so Marino sees all types of people and dogs walk by. When people walk or cycle by, Marino stays quiet. If a dog walks by, Marino likes to vocalize her presence so the other dog is aware they are passing by her yard. For indoor activities, she enjoys finding kibbles in her brain mat and getting treats and kibbles out of her brain ball and kong.”

If you are looking to share your active lifestyle with a friendly furry companion, look no further as I would be thrilled to meet you!” – xo, Marino

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