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Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix


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July 12, 2017

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About Keyoh

“Hi, my name is Keyoh and I just want to be friends with everyone! I was found by AARCS in July of 2021 with six puppies of my own. They took me to a nice, warm home where I fed and raised my pups. Eventually they were old enough and strong enough, so they went to their own foster homes, and I was left alone. I was a little sad being away from my babies, and away from the people and kids that gave my little family shelter. I was now in the shelter, once again was alone, and I didn’t like it. I shut down, curled down into a little ball, and shook with anxiety.

But then I was transferred from Calgary to Edmonton, where a nice couple gave me a nice warm home again! I wasn’t alone! They were so patient with me, while I grieved the separation from my family, and opened up to a new family. With lots of patience, and treats I started to come out of my shell, and what a personality I had!

My foster family calls me a little princess. When we go out on walks, I will only walk on the sidewalk. If they try to cut a corner, I will walk the long way around on the sidewalk. I do not like the rain or water. I will opt to stay inside all day, rather than go outside in the wet. I can hold my bladder until it’s a nicer day. The disgust of water goes for baths as well – it takes two of the royal court to bathe me. As a princess, I must greet all my royal subjects on my outings. I love the attention from the neighbourhood kids and passersby. My foster mom even takes me shopping and I love getting attention from the employees. Finally, I am very dainty, if I get treats I like them to be small and dainty like myself. A strip of bell pepper? No, thank you. A little square that I can eat in one bite, YES PLEASE!

Another thing you have to know about me is that I am a cuddle monster. I want to be as close to you as possible and get all the pets. It starts first thing in the morning, my foster mom calls me the best alarm clock. If I wake up before you, I will lick your hand until you wake up, then army crawl up to the top of the bed, where I flump against you, asking for belly rubs, giving you kisses, and rubbing the sleeping dust from my eyes. You always need to schedule a half hour in the morning for our cuddle session, it’s very important. I follow my foster mom from room to room wanting pets after that. I am a very cuddly, and affectionate girl.

What I don’t like is being left alone. I like being with my humans, specifically my favourite human, my foster mom. I will cry and howl when left alone, trying to find my family again, unfortunately our neighbours don’t understand that. I will need a house, no apartments for me please. I’m lucky that my foster family doesn’t leave me alone often, and would like a forever home that does that too. I dislike my foster mom going to work. I will whine at the door for hours, even though my foster dad is home. My foster mom usually gives me a very yummy treat when she leaves, and when I’m chowing down on that, I don’t know she’s gone until I hear the door close. I will get up and check on the door but soon go back to my tasty treat, I just have a hard time settling when I’m separated from you.

I am super smart, and motivated by food to learn new tricks. I learned paw in an evening. My foster parents tease me and my “dinner plate” eyes when I see a treat. Can you spot my “dinner plate” eyes in any of my beautiful pictures?

As stated before, I love kids, I raised my pups around 3 kids under the age of 10. I also like dogs but I can be a bit selective. I am skeptical of bigger dogs, but some of them are okay once we have proper introductions. My foster parents wonder if a fur sibling would help my separation anxiety, so I will never be alone. I would be looking for a fur sibling that isn’t super active, and is more chill like myself. I can also be a bit apprehensive about men. I have barked at a couple, or ducked away from their pets, but with time and treats, I warm up to them.

I know I tick off all the boxes: beautiful, cuddly, loyal, affectionate. So what are you waiting for? Apply now!” – xo, Keyoh

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Yes, Good with Dogs

Good with Kids?

Yes, Good with Kids

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Keyoh has separation anxiety and needs a home willing to work with her

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