Hi! My name is

Vince Neil



English Angora/Lionhead Cross


Date of Birth
May 17, 2021

Located In

About Vince Neil

Vince Neil doesn’t want to spend another minute Without You.

With frontman good looks and enough charm for an entire band, this young bunny is ready to take center stage in your heart.  Vince is a real Dr. Feelgood who will greet you with a nose boop and a snuggle before hopping along while you go about your day.  He shows off his Wild Side by putting on private performances with jumps, stair climbs and tunnel runs that would put the Biebers of today to shame.  Unlike the 80s antics of his namesake, this Vince Neil prefers to keep things civilized and has shown absolutely no destructive tendencies, even when unsupervised.

Vince is well socialized with cats and critter savvy dogs.  He has lived with other rabbits so with the right matchmaking skills, he could be the picture perfect duet partner with another bunny.  Like all superstars, Vince loves to be the center of attention and is equally happy being adored by humans or animals – just don’t expect him to share his dill or leafy greens.

If you are ready to bring Vince Neil into your Home Sweet Home, fill in an application now.

My adoption fee is $50.

Good with Cats?

Vince is well socialized with cats.

Good with Dogs?

Vince is well socialized with critter-savvy dogs.

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