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Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth
June 11, 2019

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About Godwin

Hilarious and Kittenish.

There he was, just a walkin’ down the street…

If you are looking for a calm and sweet little lap cat who will cuddle and purr for hours through the long cold nights, this is not the cat for you.

If you are looking for a BIG personality who will make you laugh until your sides hurt, a bundle of energy with absolutely no common sense and about 18 times the normal cat curiosity allotment…you have found him. He is here, in all his goggle-eyed glory.

Godwin has never met a toy he didn’t like. He has also never met anything that will hold his attention for more that 2 minutes. He has boundless energy, a kittenish delight in discovering All The Things, and an equally kittenish desire to play with All The Things…and All The People. Except vet people. He’s not a fan of the vet people.

Playful though he is, he does not always play nicely. If he thinks you are ignoring him, he will lunge up and hug your leg – hard, but with velvet paws – until you pet him or distract him with a toy. But petting or playing, once his attention span is done (see the 2 minute rule above), he will suddenly bite or scratch. He is particularly reactive to touches at the base of his tail (did someone make a habit of yanking it when he was younger? Only Godwin knows). He does give a few seconds of notice with flattened ears, but you need to be paying attention, so he would not be a good fit for a house with younger children or even older children who are not attentive to cat body language. If you have a child (or adult) in your household who likes to tease cats, even gently, Godwin would be a very poor fit. He will also sometimes take offense to a stuffed animal or bottle (very randomly) and literally beat the stuffing out of it. That, plus his penchant for getting into EVERYTHING means that a house crowded with fragile treasures might not welcome Godwin’s presence.

Godwin tends to be less energetic when there are no cats or people around to play with or perform for, and he’ll sleep in the presence of a sleeping human, so he would likely be fine as an only cat. He’s not as playful with our resident cats as with our resident humans, but it’s still early days – at this point he’s still feeling his way into the local hierarchy. He is certainly interested in other cats (very much so!), and not at all aggressive so far, so he’d also probably be fine as a companion to a young and lively cat as well. He is SO active, though, with NO sense of personal space…an elderly cat might find him more irritating than comforting.

This energetic goofball will keep you laughing!

Good with Cats?

Yes, Good with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Not tested with Dogs yet

Good with Kids?

Tested with both, better with kids over 8 years

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Godwin likes to play rough and will sometimes bite and scratch. He is NOT a fan of the vet and can be challenging to treat.

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