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German Shepherd/Mix


Date of Birth
May 31, 2020

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About Beardy

Beardy here; a loud and rowdy guy looking for a home to match my energy!

Beardy is a large-ish sized mixed breed dog. He is a higher energy dude, searching for a home who can live life just like he does – a little rough around the edges! Beardy loves to use his mouth to bark at and play with other dogs and people. Sometimes on walks he looks like he’s yelling at the other dogs, when really all he wants is to have a good time!

Beardy does well with similarly matched and sized playful dogs, but needs regular breaks in play so he does not get overly mouthy and nippy. This understandably loses him friends quickly, so if he goes to a home with another dog they must be tolerant and high energy like him – no small dogs or pets please!

He will need continued work on his leash reactivity, although he did live in an apartment before, it was not for him – so he is looking for a place with a yard and space to run. No small kids for this dude, as those chompers get carried away when he is excited and may turn those kids into a toy as well.

Beardy can be vocal when frustrated, so some ongoing training and enrichment will keep him happy and occupied. He will make a great dog for an experienced home willing to put some time into training him!

He currently has a papilloma wart, which is self resolving but may be transmissible to other dogs – so he should ideally be kept separate from them until this heals!

Let’s get rowdy today!!

Good with Cats?

Not tested - not recommended due to mouthiness

Good with Dogs?

Only tested with Larger Breed Dogs

Good with Kids?

Kids 16+ Only

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Beardy can be reactive on leash when he sees other dogs, and can be mouthy with his people

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