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Siberian Husky/Mix


Date of Birth
May 4, 2017

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About Payton

“Hello, I’m Payton, coming in hot! I’m a bit of a wild child – I’m a grown up they say but I got a bit of a puppy brain. I came into AARCS’ care as a transfer from the City. Word on the street is my old owners couldn’t care for me anymore. Whateva! Now I’m free and can be me – and the me I am is a bit of a nut butt. I am a typical Husky in some traits, I like to yip-yap and be vocal to get your attention. I love people you see, they are my fave and I think I should have them all to myself. I like chewies and I like my ball, sometimes I like to go ka-POW with my paws and send them flying. I entertain myself – I don’t need anyone else to do that! I am the apple of my own eye!

I have been selectively reactive on leash when I see other dogs – some I gotta yell at – and some I just leave be. Keeping you on your toes and such. Because of this I would do best in a home with a yard to run and play in and no other pets. I ain’t about to share hallways with other dogs! That being said, I can be introduced to other dogs “properly” – but I don’t have “dog manners” they say. I will leap at the other dog, growl enthusiastically, and when they ignore me I will kaPOW them with my paws again (see a theme here?!) and throw my weight against them so they pay attention to me. Someone told me this is rude? Again, whateva! I do like dogs but do best in off leash intros when I’m not held back by this pesky leash. That being said I could still be taught some manners, and definitely need a leash reactive class. Fortunately for you dog-savvy peeps, this means dog friends are in my future – they just have to be the right kind of ones. Off leash parks are a no-go as they would not be fun for anyone involved but me – ever seen the cartoon “tasmanian devil”? Anyways…you’re picking up what I’m putting down by now.

I haven’t been tested with cats yet, but a Husky who isn’t good with cats should not be a surprise to anyone..so I should likely go to a home without but if your kitties are REALLY down..we could meet and see. I may have lived with kids in the past but my friends are recommending 14+ ’til we get to know me better.

I’m a chipper little ball of fun, and if you get me you just “get” me..ya know? I would make someone extremely happy, and keep them entertained until the end of time.

Just chillin at the shelter, waiting for you!” – xo, Payton 

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Payton would do best as the only dog in the home

Good with Kids?

Kids 14+ Recommended

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioural Special Needs - Payton can be reactive on leash towards dogs, but does well with confident dogs with proper introductions

Adoption Application