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Retriever, Labrador/Mix


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March 19, 2019

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About Deuce

“Hi! My name is Deuce! I’ll be your second in command! I love hanging out with my foster mother while she is working from home these days. My big foster sister is an independent gal and hangs out in the living room while I like company.

I love napping in the sunshine and going for walks. I walk well alone or along with my foster sister and we make a very good pair, if I say so myself. I do get excited when I see squirrels, rabbits, etc but a small tug of the leash is all it takes to break my attention. If you give me treats, then I am the best dog ever. Speaking of food, I love it! I look for it all the time. Currently, I am on Hypoallergic food. It seems like I have allergies and can get very itchy if I change my diet often.

I am house trained, walk well on a leash, and can do some party tricks too though I need a treat for the show and tell (sit, down, come, etc). I take a little time to warm up to new humans but once I do, I never want to leave your side. I do have my moments (I am teenager in human years I guess) so I do throw tantrums but as I get comfortable with my new surroundings these tend to go away slowly. I just need some alone time to calm down and I am back to normal quickly.

My foster mom is very patient with me and I like her to handle me more than my foster dad when I am in these moods. I have shown a startle response to some men in certain situations; I get worried and begin barking. Other times I get way too excited and begin to bark to get attention. In slow introductions I seem to do well when I can see them approach and they have goodies for me.

I’m not a fan of my crate. It makes me feel trapped and lonely so I’d rather be with you….especially if you are taking the car!! I will be your navigator. I never have accidents in the house and I have never chewed or ruined anything! I love to sleep, on the couch, on my bed, on the floor… anywhere really!

Just like my foster sister, I am a guard dog. I hear noises outside, I like to make noise back to let anyone out there know I’m here. My caregivers tell me I have a beautiful deep, loud voice. I’ve been in a variety of shelter playgroups and do best with well socialized dogs who like to wrestle and chase. I go and lay down when I’ve had enough of them. I don’t feel the need to use my voice to tell them I’m done at all. I love to chase small things, so my perfect home would likely have no feline friends.

I am really athletic and can win the gold medal for Canada for my high jump. I can easily jump the fences around 5 feet tall which for my size is really tall but to do this trick, I need to be motivated. At my foster house, I haven’t tried to jump at all as I am more than happy to just run in the backyard.

When you first meet me, I might seem very high energy, but once I settle down, I just like to hang out. Just like my foster sister, I like to sleep a lot. At night, I cuddle next to my foster mom on their bed and sleep all the way through the night. Anyways, I’m always ready to play, smell and chase things outside but once I’m inside I am calm, caring and lovable!  I’m the best of both worlds!” – xo, Deuce

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Needs to be a confident, playful and friendly dog

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Do I Need Special Care?

Both, Medical and Behavioral - Allergies - Deuce is on a Prescription Diet to help reduce allergies. Behaviour - Gets excited in certain situations. Some triggers that we have noticed - when we try to put his harness, also if he gets to rough while playing. Will start barking as if scared and or angry with his human. Calms down if he is ignored.

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