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Retriever, Labrador/Shepherd/Mix


Date of Birth
March 12, 2018

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About Darlington

“Hi! I’m Darlington, but my foster mom calls me Daisy. I was pretty scared and timid to be in the house for the first few days, but now I have made myself right at home. I enjoy hogging the bed, supervising while you cook, making sure all the dishes are clean before they go into the dish washer, getting the zoomies in the back yard, and making sure you don’t have too much personal space.

I am a lab cross with what looks like a lion. I have amber eyes, all the better to see you with; floppy ears, all the better to hear food with; long legs, all the better to slowly stalk all situations with and luscious lips, all the better to lick up any food with. I am also quite nosey. I have to know what is going on in the house and in the neighborhood at all times.

I am learning confidence each day. I am learning to go to the bathroom outside by myself, since I would only do it if my foster mom was there. I am also learning to do my business on walks. I walk well on leash and only pull some when I get excited by another animal or children playing. I like children! I get so excited when I see kids playing up and down the street. I want to go join in! Since I am still a little shy, I approach new animals and people with caution. I warm up to small dogs very quickly. I am still afraid of bigger dogs.

I am not a barker. I only bark when scared in the house or when I see that other dog in what I am told is a mirror.

I would love another dog in the house to play with, but please play nice since I am timid and still learning to play. Socialization will be very important in my forever home. I am a lover and not a fighter. I don’t like loud noises like vacuums and kitchen appliances and I don’t like being in crate and will whine and try to get out. But I am good in the house and mostly just lay down or look out the window when left alone. I would do best in a detached home as I’m still learning not to sing the blues when alone.

If you are looking for a goofy, loving, nosey, big lipped, lion look-a-like, then I would love to meet you! I hope to hear from you soon!” – xo, Darlington

Lioness looking for a home!

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Only tested with Smaller Breed Dogs

Good with Kids?

Kids 16+ Only

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Darlington will need patient and committed adopters to help her through her fears and build confidence around people and new situations.

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