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German Shepherd/Mix


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August 31, 2019

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About Alia

“Hi! My name is Alia and I’m very excited to meet you! I am a very loving and energetic dog looking for the perfect family for me. My favourite things to do are: running, scratches and cuddles, treats, and playing with my toys and playing fetch. I really like scratches! When I get good back scratches I point my nose up like a seal.

My foster parents always say I am a very good girl! I really like play time and running alongside my favourite humans, but when my foster mum has to do boring computer work, I will just nap next to her to keep her company. I never interrupt her when she has zoom meetings, and the other people don’t even notice I am there because I am so calm! I am very quiet and never bark. I will only cry a little bit if I really wanted to meet a dog but we cannot do that, or if I need to go to the toilet.

Since I am still a young dog I need a lot of exercise. I usually run or walk at least twice a day. I love running! When we run I sometimes do little jumps like a baby goat in front of my foster mum. Even though I love running, I will slow down immediately if she says “slow”. I like walking or running alongside my favourite humans, so I will always wait for you! I also love meeting other dogs and people, especially children, and I’m a very gentle girl, so I am safe around very young kids. If I get too excited, my foster parents say “no” and I listen to them.

I am very good at listening to my foster parents and I stop immediately what I was doing if they say “no”. I like to give kisses when my foster parents come back home, and I do not jump anymore on them because I am a very good girl. I also know some good tricks! I can “come”, “look” (at my foster parents’ eyes), “sit”, “wait”, “shake” both paws, “turn”, and I am learning to go in between my foster parents’ legs. I am very smart and learn very quickly, so I cannot wait to learn any more tricks you want to teach me!

Before coming to my foster home, I wasn’t toilet trained, so I still have some accidents for number 1, but I will always hold number 2 and cry a bit if I really need to go outside. I am very clean and love baths, especially if they come with legs and paws massage afterwards!

If you are looking for a young, smart, affectionate dog who will love you unconditionally, I am the perfect girl for you! I cannot wait to meet you!” – xo, Alia     

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Not tested with Cats yet - not recommended due to prey drive

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Yes, Good with Dogs

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Yes, Good with Kids

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