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German Shepherd/Retriever, Labrador/Mix


Date of Birth
November 2, 2020

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About Irina

Photos courtesy of Liv Creative Photography

Irina (Georgia as I have been calling her) is an extremely intelligent and sweet girl. She is playful and like to roughhouse out in the yard but also plays well on her own in the house. She loves every kind of toy equally.

Irina was very fearful of noises when she first came into my care. We have been working with the Behavior Team to help her become more comfortable in new and noisy situations. She has come a long way but this will require more work as she goes on to new experiences in a new home. The reward of seeing her gain confidence slowly is very worth the effort and she deserves to feel safe and comfortable in the big outdoors. She is very good with other dogs in the home and has gotten house training down nicely.

Irina enjoys being in her closed in backyard and we are continuing to work on getting past her scare zones slowly. Her natural curiosity is helping her overcome her timidness though she may never completely be at ease outside of her safe areas. Another dog that gives her confidence will be essential to her thriving. She will need a house with a fully fenced yard to help her feel safe as she can get spooked very easily and when scared she will run back inside. She also takes a little bit to warm up to new people, but with treats she learns that you’re not so bad after all.

Irina has the sweetest temperament and is a very loving and affectionate goof ball that will make a great addition to a family that understands her needs.

You can’t buy love…but you can rescue it.

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Yes, Good with Dogs

Good with Kids?

Kids 16+ Only

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Irina is a fearful and undersocialized dog, who is highly sound and movement sensitive. She is very alert and notices everything, which may be why she is continuously stressed out in new environments. Getting her comfortable may be a long process

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