Hi! My name is


I’m an Animal in Care at AARCS



German Shepherd/Collie, Rough/Mix


Date of Birth
January 25, 2020

Located In

About Fabio

“I am Fabio. Just look at my golden locks and you will understand. I am a very good boy and very goofy. Not much is known about my past but that has not stopped me. I have a bit of a bum hip that AARCS and my foster mom are fixing good as new. I love to play with my cat foster sister but she isn’t always interested. I do not give up and eventually get to play a quick round of chase the kitty. She can be very mean but I am always gentle with her.

I walk well on a leash. I try really hard not to pull but sometimes the fast, furry bunnies are too tempting. After all I am very food driven. My foster mom tells everyone I will do anything for food. Sometimes I see other dogs that I do not like but so far only if they are on a leash too.

My long coat keeps me very warm, often too warm so I love to sit out on my balcony to stay cool and people watch so I would prefer a yard or balcony. I know not to bark unless there is a reason to. Even sirens and fireworks don’t disrupt my me time.

I don’t bark at people but I do love to talk when I want something and I can tell a great story. I have been told it is not appreciated or polite at night so I have learnt that night time is quiet time. I will quickly learn your schedule and adapt. Having my kennel helps calm me down and get me ready for bed. I sleep in the kennel every night and go in if the people will be gone for longer periods of time. It is taking time but I am learning what the word kennel means and I am starting to go in when told whether I want to or not. Sometimes it takes a couple tries because I am having too much fun.

I love to play hide and seek with my bones. You may find one under a pillow or blanket but my favorite spot is the litter box (I am not allowed in there anymore). Even though my foster mom doesn’t like it, it shows that I am learning more and more how to play but I could be a digger to protect my belongings. It seems all new to me but when I bring a ball back the people get excited… so it must be good. Tug is a work in progress but every day I get better at playing.

I am love meeting kids and will always let them pet and love me. Sometimes I want to play so bad that I will mouth their hands(no teeth) or nip a pant leg. I am working on this with my foster family and have learnt what NO means. When I hear that I stop. Kids are just so close to my size and fun that I just wanna play chase.

I will be a quirky addition to your family and make you laugh every day. Is there anything better?” – xo, Fabio

Good with Cats?

Yes, Good with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Not tested with Dogs

Good with Kids?

Only tested with Kids Over 8 Years

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Fabio is reactive to dogs while walking on leash. This is something that we are working on.

Animal In Care

This animal is currently an Animal in Care with AARCs and is not available for adoption at this time.

Please note that applications will not be accepted for this animal until they have been posted on our Adoptable Animals page.

Our website is updated daily so please check back on their progress and availability.

Thank you for choosing to rescue!