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January 24, 2017

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About Xona

“My name is Xona! That’s Zone-aaaahhhh – you know – I’m always in the ZONE for relaxing snuggle time! “Come meet me – my gorgeous, luxurious thick brindle coat will make you fall in love. Even better? My incredible personality.  I hate to brag, but Foster Momma tells me I’m EXCELLENT. I’ve never required a crate (and I’m not interested in a home that wants to crate me!). I’ve never messed in the house (except if I get too excited with a full bladder, then I tinkle a little!), and never gotten into things that I shouldn’t have.  There’s even a baby gate to close off the downstairs, and I’ve never tried to cross it.  Despite all these awesome things, I need a more experienced dog owner, as I have been through quite a lot, but let me tell you more about all my awesome self more, first!

I don’t play too much inside – I like it as my quiet space. If you have to go out, I’ll say goodbye to you at the door, (I might whine a little, but only for a minute or two..) then just find my cozy spot on the couch and then it’s snoooooze time!  Foster mom believes that because I love people so much, I should not be home alone for more than a few hours at a time. I just am so much more happy with a person around, and I deserve this happiness!

I thrive on routine, and trust that I’m going to be let outside on a regular basis. Foster Momma keeps trying to train me to ask to go outside, but I’ll just cross my legs and wait until she calls me to go.  I really prefer to take all my bathroom breaks on walks (even short ones), as when I’m in the backyard, I get distracted by playing and getting cases of the zooooomies!!  For this reason, and because of my size, I’d really love a home with a yard large enough for me to get some laps in.

Since I’m a more mature pup, I’m more laid-back. I love the easygoing side of life … cuddling on the couch – all 70lbs of me- is one of my favourite things. Don’t get me wrong, I love going outside for walks, and we have increased my distance to 5km. What I’m really saying, is if you’re looking for a companion to stroll along river pathways, I am totally your gal, but count me out if you expect to go up and down those rocky formations west of us. No thanks!

Foster Momma needs to share with you that my leash skills are a work in progress, and need further training. I don’t pull very hard (unless distracted by rabbits, dogs, or people), but I have wandered every which way and even accidentally tripped Foster Momma! See, because of my medical history (which is VERY important for you to find out about, as it will be a big part of my future), I am blind in my right eye.  If you are on my right side, I just can’t see you! This can also cause a bit of stress if something is happening and I don’t see it right away.

I’m very distracted by rabbits, and I’ve even chased one! If you see one before I do, then distract me with treats, sometimes I don’t even notice. But, I’m not incredibly food motivated….Sometimes treats just do not work, and then you’ll need to hold on!!

I can get distracted by people of any age, in any scenario. I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I waggle my entire body and try to see them all. I am very polite and will sit to greet people, but some people I will be nervous and cower (and sometimes pee), but I just want to be petted SO BAD, so I brave it and approach them anyway. If anyone stops petting me, I will wave my giant paws and sometimes jump (we are working on this- I have very thick paws and very sharp toenails). I am not aggressive to any people in any form, but some spots I don’t love being touched. If I am, I typically will spin and try to snuzzle my nose under your hand so you pet me on my face and head instead of where you were touching. For these reasons, a home with children under 10 is not advisable – and any child should be aware and learn to respect my redirections of touch. I do love kids, and am good with them, but I just might hurt the smaller ones accidentally!

Because of my love for them, I simply don’t want to share my people with any other dog or animal. I am unsure of other dogs on leash, this sometimes includes me barking to ask for space from them.  Being physically able to handle my 70lbs during an excited pull is a must.

During my first month in foster I was a little bit nervous of everything. It took a while for me to learn about all these new things I may have never encountered before. As I have settled in much more, I remain fearful of just two things: first, the TV.  Foster momma can explain more, and how we are working on positive engage/disengage training in this regard.  This is very important as the TV can extremely upset me. Second, is deep, loud voices. I can take some time to warm up to someone with a voice like this, and I really need a quieter family for this reason.

New items do make me nervous, but I’m brave enough to see what things are once you’ve shown me that they’re not going to hurt me. For example, the coffee maker made me growl a bit with all of the noise, then Foster Momma showed me how nice it was and petted it and said “What a good coffee maker!”. Then I was brave enough to have a sniff, and now it doesn’t bother me at all! Everything new is like this, so I will need patience and understanding from you.

I can’t wait to meet you so you can fall in love with me!” – xoxo, Xona


Good with Cats?


Good with Dogs?


Good with Kids?

Yes, Good with Kids

Do I Need Special Care?

Both, Medical and Behavioral - History of traumatic surgeries, blind in right eye as a result. Xona can be neutral/fearful of other dogs during introductions. She would be best placed in an only pet home.

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