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German Shepherd/Mix


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November 19, 2020

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About Raleigh

“Hi!  My name is Raleigh and I’m the kind of dog where if you’re happy that makes me happy! My foster family have all kind of sweet names for me – I respond to them all and flash my big brown eyes and when I do that, there seems to be an endless supply of treats!

It’s almost embarrassing to say, but when I learned to shake a paw, my Foster Mom went crazy, muttering ‘cuteness overload’ or something like that, but now I do it all the time and the treats keep-a-coming – ha ha!

I have been fostered with an active family who love to go for daily walks and regular hikes. They have a 2-year old AARCS’ alumni dog (and a cat I’ll talk about in a minute). The dog is so much fun to play with and chase around in the yard. Sometimes we get a bit rambunctious in the house, so we either take it outside or my Foster Mom, who is the master of redirecting me, gives me a toy or Kong with peanut butter.

Speaking of toys, I have my own toybox full of dog toys and that’s where I go to get my own toys. On occasion, if you come home from somewhere you haven’t taken me, I like to play a joke on you and  take a shoe and hide it as a reminder that maybe, just maybe, next time, you will remember to take me with you because I really love to be together. I used to get really sad and cry when my human family left me, but I’m slowly getting used to it and becoming more accepting now, as they’ve shown me that they do return, and sometimes it’s good just to have some “Raleigh” time.

The cat – I’m currently living with is an AARCS’ alumni dog-savvy cat, and man, is he full of CATitude. When I get a bit too excited and playful with the cat, my Foster Mom says “leave it”, and we do.

When we go for walks, I used to be really shy and freeze when I wasn’t sure where we were going. It took some encouraging words and treats from my Foster mom, and I quickly learned I could trust her and she would protect me and praise me. I’m happy to report that I’ve progressed and now I happily go for walks on new routes too.  I even have some fur friends that I see regularly on the pathway now and we do our “sniff” hello and move on.  I still have my moments when I freeze or bark at a dog across the street, but my Foster mom gets my attention with a treat, gets to my level and encourages me to focus on moving forward. As you can see, I’m pretty treat motivated.

I’d do well in an active household that enjoys going for walks and hikes, and of course just hang out with me and chill.  If you don’t have a resident dog I can hang out with, no worries, as long as you interact with me and we can have some regular doggie play dates with others, that would be awesome so I can keep connected and find out the latest gossip in the fur-world.  I’m a work-in-progress as a 10 -month old, so would love for us to build on my training and take some lessons together.

If you’re looking for a furever companion to keep you company on walks and just hang out with, I’m your girl!”:- xo, Raleigh   

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