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October 28, 2018

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Photos courtesy of Glenn Krahulic Photography

“Bring your ‘A’ game because I play to win! Harrow! My name is Jeremy, and while my name makes me sound like your average BFF – I can assure you I am anything but average.

To start, you might notice from my pictures that I have a big head, and you know what they say about dogs with big heads? … They have big bodies to go with them! That’s right – I’m often one of the biggest dogs on the sidewalk, or on occasion I might pass a taller dog, but I’m never worried cause I know I’m the stronger dog. In fact, my foster dad often teases me because – as you’ll quickly notice – I never skip leg day! All of that is to say that when I go for walks I like to lead, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t skip arm day.

When I meet other dogs, I have been good so far provided they are calm with me first – if they start barking, I have to do the manly thing and bark back. If my future family has another dog, they should be nice and playful like me! I would do best in a proper introduction so we can get comfortable with each other first.

My size also means I have a lot of energy, so to burn it off I’ve taken up a few hobbies. The first of my favorites is long walks around the neighborhood, but if you like to run or go to the mountains – I would make the perfect partner. The second is tug of war and that’s a game that I really don’t like to lose. My commitment and determination to winning sometimes means that when the rope slips from my mouth I come rushing back to grab it again, so you’ll have to watch your fingers. Please know though that I really don’t mean to grab fingers, I’m just in ‘win’ mode. I have a similar habit with my third favorite hobby which is catch me if you can. I like to be chased, and sometimes prefer to be the chaser so please make sure everyone that signs up to play with me can handle my weight. I would do best in a home with older kids in case I jump up when I play. I am a big dude, so a home with a yard would be best for me – no apartments please.

After all these activites, I’m normally quite tired so I usually treat myself to some deep zzz’s on your bed… uhmm I mean my bed – that’s right cause I’m happy in a kennel or as little spoon woof-woof.

Talking about getting tired, you must be tired of reading so let me finish by telling you that physical touch is something I really like and need on a daily basis. I live by the saying of “live, laugh, love” with the emphasis of ending with love because what means the most to me is giving and getting kisses. You’ll never know if you don’t try!” – xo, Jeremy

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