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Mastiff/Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix


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October 5, 2017

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About Clement

“Have you ever seen a handsome 5lb lap dog trapped in the body of a 75lb Mastiff/Pitty X? Look no further! My name is Clement and cuddling is my game!” – xo, Clement 

Clement arrived at AARCS after being hit by a car. He required multiple surgeries that his family was unable commit to. We brought him home to foster in October and he had his first knee surgery a few days later.  In the weeks/months that have followed, we have navigated strict crate rest, many medications, a giant cone, surgery on Clement’s other knee and a tail amputation.  Through it all, Clement has been a warrior! He is incredibly strong, stubborn as true to his breed and definitely quirky. With all of this also comes the most gentle, cuddly companion. Clement loves to be loved. In fact, he can’t seem to get close enough for cuddles. He will lie next to us for hours, just happy to share space and belly rubs. Clement is soft taking treats, will sit and “wait” for meals, until released with an “okay!” command.

He is not much of a chewer, unless it’s his own toy and he will either love it or shred it. During the day, he is free to roam his space and usually enjoys a spot by a door/window where he can watch the world go by. At night, he willingly settles into his closed pen for the night. Clement can be vocal when he sees other dogs and he can be grumbly when he is unhappy about something (us leaving the house without him). There have been no issues meeting new people in our home. He is very curious and happy to greet everyone at the door.

Clement has been introduced to many ages, from 2 years old up to 70 years old. He can get excited and he is unaware of his size, which can be an issue around smaller kids.  But there has never been any type of aggression, mostly confusion when someone gets accidentally knocked over. We have been working on leash behavior, as well as reactivity. Clement is incredibly strong and will pull if given the opportunity. We switched to a front-clip harness and that has made a HUGE difference. We have been working on training sessions, using a 6 ft leash, changing directions frequently and calling “come” and “sit”.  He is so smart and seems eager to please.

Clement has also been working on doggie introductions with the Behavior Team at AARCS and they are pleased with his progress. The best furever home for Clement would be one with multiple people to love and play with. Due to his size and strength, his furever family would have children 5+, OR a keen awareness of him around smaller kids. There would be a fenced backyard with space for potty breaks, as he has yet to poop on a walk…it’s always once he’s back in the yard.

Clemmie’s furever family would understand how much he has gone through in his short 3 years and be accepting of the fact that he may always have some limitations when it comes to his activities. The Behavior Team also thinks having another dog, ideally female and of equal size, would be beneficial in teaching Clement how to play but also could hold their own against his size and strength. Most importantly, his furever home would have a special spot on the couch next to his people, as this is his favorite place to be.

Clement has brought joy and laughter to our home in the 5 months that we have been fostering him. He is such a character and he will be a wonderful addition to a special family. Prepare for lots of cuddles, some snoring and a ton of Mastiff slobber!” – xo, Clement     

Good with Cats?


Good with Dogs?

Only tested with Larger Breed Dogs

Good with Kids?

Yes, Good with Kids

Do I Need Special Care?

Both, Medical and Behavioral - Clement has had surgeries on both knees as well as a tail amputation, and requires a hypoallergenic diet. He can be reactive on leash when he sees other dogs, but does well with off leash intros.

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