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Shepherd/Siberian Husky/Mix


Date of Birth
September 27, 2019

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About Blackie

“Hello! My name is Blackie, and I am very excited to finally be able to introduce myself. Prior to coming into care with my foster family, I was very scared of humans and all things that hid within the home. But I am happy to announce, I now LOVE humans and their strange ways – although I must admit sometimes on the odd day, I can get shy and want my own space. I have mastered all the hardwood floors, love to cuddle up on the couch, and jumping off the stairs is now one of my favourite past times.

I am looking for a furever home with another dog to keep bringing me out of my shell. I like humans now but I LOVE dogs. I don’t mind being alone when my foster parents leave, but I must admit, I do get upset when I can’t be with my foster sister – I must do everything she does and be everywhere she is. She has taught me all the tricks of living in a house, so I really would like another dog friend to play and cuddle with. Another playful, confident dog would help me to conquer my current fear of the collar and leash. My curiosity is growing and I want to join on the walks but me and my foster family are slowly building up to it with lots of treats – but the feeling of the leash pulling my collar is something I am not the biggest fan of. I will get there, but I hope my forever family can be patient with me and be my number one supports in this process.

Within the house, I have transitioned with being too scared to leave my crate to running around the house to play with anyone that is willing. We have had a few people come to the door, and I am no longer scared to go say hi and accept some pets (which may seem small, but that was huge for me). I have not met any kids yet, but when I play I can be a bit mouthy and although I am very gentle, that may mean I need older kids. However, since I am small, do not jump on people or chase them, and respect peoples space – I may just need some extra training and I potentially would quite like kids of any age. I also have not met a cat yet, although I have seen some outside and I like to watch them from the window. Maybe they will play with me? Other than that, my usual day includes playing, napping, and watching the outside world from window.

My foster family has been focusing on bringing me out of my shell, becoming comfortable with humans, and increasing my confidence to face my fears. With that, I have not had a lot of time to work on basic training like sit, and come. I have started to learn my name, my foster family calls me Odie, and I have begun to understand what different tone of voices might mean (i.e. I really like to grab my foster mom’s socks and put them in a pile, and I know when she wants me to drop it vs. when she wants to cuddle and play). I also have finally found my own voice, I love to bark when I am excited – and I am slowly learning how to stop when asked.

Overall, I am VERY excited to find a forever home. If you love to play, have another dog for me to make my new best friend, and have the patience I need to become the best dog I can be. Please consider bringing me into your family. My foster family can attest to it, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing me grow and become comfortable with being myself. I hope you can be a part of my journey, I have lots of love to give and I am waiting patiently to find my perfect family.

Thank you and I cannot wait to meet you!” – xo, Blackie

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Yes, Good with Dogs

Good with Kids?


Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Blackie is a fearful and very undersocialized dog. He will require another well socialized dog as well as calm, patient and experienced home to help him through his fears.

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