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Shepherd/Siberian Husky/Mix


Date of Birth
September 27, 2019

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About Blackie

“”Hi! My name is Blackie – my foster family calls me Odie! In the past four months I have gone from living in the wild and getting quilled by porcupines, to being a lavish home dog who adores the comfort of the couch and cuddling into pillows. I haven’t had an easy start and it takes me awhile to trust humans but I am getting better at it everyday through lots of treats and love. I love my foster family now and they can attest that once I trust you I will give you all my heart – waking you up with kisses, coming in for a cuddle, and playing tag with you if you let me! The best thing about my family is my foster sister – she is a big dog who I get to play and cuddle with her whether she wants me to or not… I am kinda like an annoying little brother to her hehe! But I have made a lot of other dog friends too, I could spend HOURS playing outside with them in the backyard, so I hope my forever home has more dogs for me to become best friends with. Whether they are big or small, I just want to play with everyone!

I love indoor life and the comforts that it brings, but being in my backyard is my favourite activity. I will require a home with a securely fenced in backyard. When my foster sister is too tired to play, I grab sticks off the ground and throw them around to chase them. My foster mom always laughs at me, cause once I am outside my goofy side comes out and I can’t help it but to hop everywhere – I just can’t help it when I am excited and happy! I used to never let this side of me show, but my foster family has helped me see what a great life I can have with humans at my side and that has really brought me out of my shell. To put it in perspective: In the beginning I hid and cowered in my crate when humans were around and now I run up to get attention and love from those same humans. Even now when I meet new people, it takes me less than a day to realize that I can also get more love from them! Everyone is so proud and excited for my progress.

Although I do love outside, I still do not love the collar and leash, I wear the collar everyday but I haven’t gotten the courage to use the leash for a walk yet. This is my biggest obstacle, but I promise if we become a family and you give me patience I think I’ll be able to get there. In the mean time there is no need to worry about lack of exercise with me, I burn off my energy in the backyard and I LOVE it. I am 100% potty trained too, I picked up on it quick and have learned how to tell my parents when I need to go outside by politely sitting by the back door. My recall is improving too, I almost always come back inside when call – unless I find a REALLY good smell… but again, I am still learning SO much so I am getting way more confident in my ability to adapt and flourish in this new amazing life of mine.

If you think you could love me unconditionally and have the supportive home and family I need, please reach out, I would really love to meet you and get this second chance at life!” – xo, Blackie

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Yes, Good with Dogs

Good with Kids?

Not tested with Kids

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Blackie is a fearful and very undersocialized dog. He will require another well socialized dog as well as calm, patient and experienced home to help him through his fears. Previously had porcupine quills.

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