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Catahoula Leopard dog/Mix


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September 21, 2017

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About Horizon

Photos courtesy of Darren Yates Photography

“If you want a friend who is always loyal and attentive, I am the dog for you! Hi, My name is Horizon but my foster family prefers to call me Zoe because they say it suits a pretty girl like me.

I am three years old, and am settling into my foster home after having puppies earlier this fall. I was found under a porch hiding my puppies after I gave birth to them there. Now that I have a little time for myself I am enjoying being the centre of attention. I love being brushed and playing fetch with my teddy. I enjoy walks, but still get over-excited at times, especially when there are lots of cars and dogs. My foster mom says that I am making great progress though, especially with the cars.

I have not had many dog friends yet, so I need a little more time to learn how to make friends. Because I had to fend for myself and my puppies for so long, I have to bark and growl at other dogs to scare them away – however, I don’t want to hurt other dogs, I just want them to leave me alone. I will need ongoing work to help me through this, such as reactive training classes, and maybe some very calm dog friends to go on leashed walks with so I know they mean no harm. As for right now, I should be the only dog in the home. The Behavioural Team at AARCS has been helping me with this too.

I am most content when all my family members are at home. I love sleeping in the same room as the foster parents, and am super content to stay in bed until they decide it’s coffee time. Inside the house, I am usually quiet and chill, but am always happy to play if invited. I need a home with a yard, and preferably in a quieter area so I can work through some of my fears in a positive and slow way.

I am cuddly and loyal, not to mention super sweet, and am ready to settle in with my forever family!” – xo, Horizon

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Kids 10+ Recommended

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Horizon can be reactive on leash towards moving objects such as cars, and other dogs. She will require ongoing training to work through this.

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