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Australian Cattle Dog/Mix


Date of Birth
March 10, 2020

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About Sanderson

“Hi, my name is Sanderson. I am a small, energetic, and zesty adolescent looking for a home of my own!

I have 2 foster brothers, one is very similar to me, he’s also quite young and enjoys my zippy style of play. I enjoy mouth sparring, wrestling, cuddling, chasing and tugging with toys. My other foster brother is older and is not a fan of my puppy antics as I’m still learning that other dogs have space bubbles. When we are outside we do enjoy a game of chase. I have a foster cat sibling as well, we LOVE each other, he’ll come out and boop me with his head, rub against my legs while I give him kisses. I may do well with other Dog-Savvy cats, but might chase those who are frightened and run away.

I’m very smart and responsive to training and cues and I might be a good agility dog as well since I’m highly motivated by all things FOOD. I’m pretty good on leash but like to chase things that move such as rabbits, bicycles, and fast moving cars. As I came into AARCS’ care after being hit by a car, my future family should make sure I can stay safe and don’t run off chasing things I’m not supposed to! I would do best in an adult only home that has experience with herding type breeds, I can get mouthy and nippy when overstimulated or overwhelmed. I’m currently working through leash reactivity towards people, and other stimuli. I’m getting really good at the engage and disengage game, as soon as I look over at a human, my handler says YES, then I get a reward. Sometimes I take a quick look at the human before looking back at my handler. I’m getting good at this!

There are times where I can get overstimulated easily; this can include car rides, seeing a lot of people/vehicles/new things on walks, or wanting to meet people on walks. It is important that I can have a break to settle down before I go over threshold from trigger stacking. This includes having me safely kenneled in the car because I get overstimulated and even want to chase the windshield wipers. Slow introductions to new people are needed. It is best to have me settled behind a baby gate or in my crate with a stuffed kong, let me complete my treat and then let me out to meet them when I am calm. Having treats available to reward me for calm behaviours around people.

I would do best in a quiet community away from dog parks, busy streets, and lots of traffic. A home with a securely fenced in yard is required.

As cute as a rascally racoon!” – xo, Sanderson

Good with Cats?

Yes, Good with Dog-Savvy Cats

Good with Dogs?

Dog Selective - Requires Proper Introductions

Good with Kids?


Do I Need Special Care?

Both, Medical and Behavioral - Sanderson came into AARCS' care after being hit by a car. He has healed fractures on his right front and right hind legs. He is currently working through leash reactivity and will need an experienced adopter to help him make good choices going forward.

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