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I’m an Animal in Care at AARCS



Terrier, American Pit Bull/Shepherd/Mix


Date of Birth
September 7, 2018

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About Santorini

Photos courtesy of Zheng Dou Photography

“Hi! My name is Santorini but that’s a mouthful so just call me Rini! Or Rini-Tini, or Roo-roo, cuz I look like a kangaroo mid-hop when I sleep! I’ve also been known to hop around like a kangaroo when I’m excited or my human is getting me food!

I’m getting the hang of this whole “living inside” thing and let me tell you, I love it. My humans think I might have been a house dog as a puppy but I’m still trying to figure out how to maneuver my bigger body around these things called furniture. And watch out for my tail, it never stops wagging! It can be a table clearer but I don’t care, I wag it cause I’m happy. My humans laugh because they always know how to find me, just listen for the tail thumping!!

I am also a huge cuddle bug! My favourite is when my humans sit on the couch and I get to come snuggle up close and sleep. As long as someone is close and lets me cuddle, I am extra happy. My foster parents say I’m fully house trained and know to ask when I need to go outside.

Which brings me to my next point, I looooove being outside! There is so many smells and things to see. Squirrels are my favourite, I like to chase them up trees and then sit at the bottom watching. But watch out, if I see one running, I will pull you along to see them! My foster parents say that I should probably not be around small animals in my forever home because of my prey drive, whatever that means. I walk great on a leash and love going for long walks with my family. I think I would do best in an active family that has time to walk me everyday otherwise I get restless. A fenced-in backyard would be great too! I have some quirks that my future family should know about.

Because of how I was found, I was skinny, hungry, and quite shy. I take a bit longer to feel comfortable around new people and a new place. But if you have food and take it slow, I tend to warm up quickly. There are some people I have met that I take longer to warm up to but I’m working on that. If you have food, take it slow, and want to pet me, I think I’ll like you! Also, I will do almost anything for food! I know “sit”, “wait”, and I am working on “leave it”. If you have a treat, I will try my best to do what you want!

Now the big thing that my humans call a crate, I don’t like it. I’m not a fan of being confined in small places or in dark rooms, they are just extra scary. However, as long as I can’t get into any food, I do great at being left alone for a couple hours. I just like to curl up and nap while I wait for someone to come home to cuddle! I just love being close to people, cuddling, and getting lots of snuggles and pets!

If you’re looking for a loving, cuddly, bouncy, dog/kangaroo then I am the girl for you! I can’t wait to meet my forever family! I sure hope I find them soon” – xo, Santorini

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Not tested with Dogs

Good with Kids?

18+ Only

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Shy on initial meeting people, had a past aggression towards men

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