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German Shepherd/Mix


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March 4, 2019

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About Violet

“My name is Violet though my foster sometimes call me Pika, and I’m one sweet girl. I recently had elbow surgery and I’m still recovering. I’m fully house trained, and I will let you know when I need to go out. My big ears fit me as I’m a funny girl. I pick up tricks and behaviors quickly. My fosters have taught me to sit, lie down, wait(stay), leave it, settle and more. I am also doing well with walking behaviors like heel, and easy (not pulling).

I would love to cuddle with you, if you will let me on my own terms. I love to play fetch and tug of war. For the most part I’m quiet and won’t bark unless, I want you to play with me or I have to go out. You can leave me alone in another room (or my crate). In my crate  I’ll whine and scratch for a few minutes and then curl up and take a nap.

Now that you know a bit about me, I’ll tell you what kind of family might suit me best and the boring elbow stuff. I’d fit best in a home that doesn’t have young children and has experience with dogs. I’m eager to learn, but can get overstimulated, causing me to be loud, jumpy, and mouthy. I’m improving daily. For this reason, I do better with someone who has a calm, confident energy.

This calm energy would be helpful on walks and in helping me learn how to interact with other dogs. Sometimes on walks, I react to other dogs on leash. I am not dog aggressive, I just really want them to play.  I do have a prey drive and want desperately to chase rabbits and squirrels.  Rabbits are too exciting and I can stop listening to anything when I see one, oops.

I have a condition in my right elbow called UAP or elbow dysplasia, which is why I had surgery. When I feel good, I am very cuddly with my fosters and enjoy pets.

I recently had a couple of surgeries to help make me more comfortable and correct the UAP; however, I will always have arthritis. I’ll limp after waking up from a nap or after a big active day. I will be more susceptible to developing arthritis elsewhere. As a result, I would benefit from joint supplements, monitored exercise, and comfy places for me to sleep. I would do best with a home and a fenced yard I can run around in, if I don’t feel up to being walked that day.

Do you need more fun in your life? Then you need me.” – xo, Violet

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Do I Need Special Care?

Both, Medical and Behavioral - Violet has had surgery on her right elbow for UAP (elbow dysplasia). As she is in adolescence, the extended crate rest has been hard on her. She will need adopters that understand that she doesn't do well when overly handled and can be mouthy when over aroused. She would do best in an experienced home.

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