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July 22, 2014

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About Zofiya

“I am Zofiya, a.k.a. Munchkin Squeaks.

I am a Manx cat, which makes me extremely intelligent and human oriented. I absolutely adore my humans and I want to be part of everything they do. You could say that I am more of a dog than a cat. The main thing that makes me happy is my humans and I can’t get enough of them. I walk behind them wherever they go and I want all the attention I can get. Not to mention that I have the cutest squeak you have ever heard.

I really love humans. I want you to know that my humans are everything to me. I need them to touch me, I need them to pet me, I need them to brush me, and I need them to play with me. I need a lot of attention.

I would do really well in a family that is familiar with Manx cats as we are a unique breed. I do not have a tail and my foster parents say that I am an emotional cat. I do not know what they mean but I know that I am a princess and I should be treated like one.

As a typical Manx cat, I am really particular about what I like to eat or how I want to be touched. I might bond only with one person or more and ignore everyone else. You know, when you are a royalty you are a royalty, and as a royalty I need to be loved, and I need to be the center of your attention.

I need someone who is really there for me and who is willing to spend time with me cuddling, playing, and challenging my intelligence. If you want just a cat, I am not the one for you. I need a partner in crime and not just a home. I am really sad when my people leave and I am overjoyed when they come back.

I am ridiculously cute and I will sweep you off your feet, so come meet me and see if we are meant to be…”

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