Hi! My name is

Puff Daddy

I have an Adoption Application Pending!



Collie, Rough/Mixed


Date of Birth
August 8, 2017

Located In
Calgary, AB

About Puff Daddy

Photos courtesy of Rachael Rodgers Photo Works

“Hi, I’m Puff! I’m basically the Danny DeVito of dogs! Short and stout, but AWESOME! I am currently hanging out in a foster home, but I really want to go to my forever home with someone! I enjoying going on walks, and I’m learning how to play with toys. I must admit, I have a stellar snout, I just love to use my nose for a good sniffing game or two. A house with a yard would be ideal for me to roam and learn to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle! Now, you must be wondering how I got here…Well, I came into care with serious injuries resulting from a suspected dog attack, that’s how I lost my eye as the damages were quite severe. The vets thought I may end up with some hazy vision in my remaining eye, but so far I have been seeing everything just fine, but don’t forget, I only have one eye so I do startle easy!

Right now, I am seeking a home without any other pets. Other dogs still make me too anxious, can you blame me? However, in the future, I could possibly be around dogs with some work to help me through it. A reactive class would be amazing for me, and perhaps a quieter area to live in, so I don’t feel the need to intimidate other dogs with my “tough guy” persona! Ideally, I am looking for a home without other dogs and small pets, as I like to be your center of attention! Could that be you? Could you be my forever humans? I sure hope so, I’ve been waiting an awfully long time!” – XO Puff Daddy

Good with Cats?


Good with Dogs?


Good with Kids?

Older kids (16+) only due to limited vision, and startle response

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Medical and Behavioral Special Needs – Reactive on leash around other dogs Had eye removal surgery on one side

Adoption Application