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Scottish Fold


Date of Birth
July 19, 2023

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Eclipse

Slightly timid

Meet Eclipse, the almost 1 year old charmer with a heart as big as his playful spirit. Eclipse is known for his goofy antics, his sweetly grumpy face, and his deep love for other cats. While he may be shy around humans initially, his gentle nature and endearing personality shine through once he feels comfortable.

Eclipse thrives in the company of other cats. He enjoys playful interactions, cozy naps, and grooming sessions with his feline friends. His ideal home would include at least one other cat companion who can show him the ropes and provide him with the companionship he craves.

Despite his initial shyness with humans, Eclipse is a sweetheart at heart. He appreciates gentle affection and quiet moments where he can cuddle up next to you or curl up in a sunny spot to watch the world go by. His grumpy face adds a touch of charm, making him even more irresistible.

In a calm and patient environment, Eclipse blossoms. He enjoys interactive play with toys, exploring new spaces, and having his own cozy hideaway where he can retreat when feeling overwhelmed. He may take some time to fully trust new people, but once he does, he forms deep bonds and becomes a loyal companion.

If you’re looking to add a special cat to your family who will thrive with the company of other feline friends and bring joy with his playful personality, Eclipse is the perfect match. His shy demeanor only adds to his charm, and he’s ready to find his forever home where he can continue to grow in confidence and love. Apply today!

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