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Domestic Medium Hair


Date of Birth
May 7, 2022

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Morar

Extremely shy

Hello, meet Morar – a 2 year old and very handsome!  His hobbies include observing the action from afar, eating when no one is looking and playing in secret.  He is an expert an hide-and-seek (mostly hide), a connoisseur of solo dinners and a part-time cuddle aficionado. 

Picture this: You walk into a room and feel a slight breeze – was it a ghost?  No, it’s just Morar gracefully darting to his latest hiding spot.  You’ll set out his favourite toys and like magic, they will be slightly askew when you return, leaving only evidence of his playful escapades.  Leave a bowl of food out and/or treats and they mysteriously disappear.  

But don’t worry, Morar is not a complete enigma.  He enjoys the occasional petting session but beware as he has a built -in timer and will let you know when your services are no longer required.  A gentle swat or a swift departure means the royal cuddle time has concluded.  

What Morar needs is a patient human who appreciates the art of subtlety, a cozy, calm home with plenty of hiding spots and someone who understands that true love for Morar means respecting his personal space.  

If you are looking for a companion who is as independent as he is adorable, and you are okay with a little mystery in your life, Morar is the cat for you.  Adopt him today and experience the joy of earning the trust of a feline ninja. Apply today!

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