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Chippy & Pickle



Himalayan / American


Date of Birth
May 20, 2023

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About Chippy & Pickle

Introducing Chippy and Pickle, the adorable duo. These are sweetest guinea pigs you’ll ever meet. They are the friendliest guinea pigs we have ever fostered.

Despite their short stay with us, these girls have already proven to be absolute gems. They’re not just best buds with each other; they’re also super friendly with us humans! Watching them eagerly take treats from our hands and snuggle up for cuddles warms our hearts every time.

Come evening, get ready for a show because that’s when Chippy and Pickle transform into little bundles of energy! It’s a riot watching them zoom around their play area, doing adorable hops and jumps. When they’re not bouncing around, you might find them expertly hidden in their bedding, waiting for a surprise treat.

Their repertoire of sounds is just as charming as their personalities. From soothing purrs to excited squeaks, they always have something to say—and it’s music to our ears.

We can’t wait for them to bring as much joy to their forever home as they’ve brought to ours!

Our adoption fee is: $60

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