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Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix


Date of Birth
October 12, 2023

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About Eden

Are you looking for a furry friend who’s as sweet as can be? Look no further because Eden is here to steal your heart!

This adorable pup is not just looking for a forever home; she’s looking for a forever cuddle buddy, walking partner, and sunshine snoozer.

Eden is a quiet and laid-back puppy, perfectly content to spend the day inside or outside with her people.  She gets along well with the senior resident dog at her foster home and continues to learn social cues.  She would love to have a young buddy to play with, but she would also be great being the only dog in the household.

She loves her crate and will happily hang out during the day as needed, with treats and toys to occupy her attention.  She sleeps in her crate as well through the night without a peep or any accidents.  She has the occasional accident indoors, as she’s still learning, but she will sit at the door and ring a bell to tell you she’d like to go outside.  A backyard would be great for her, as she does the majority of her business there rather than on walks.

When it comes to food, Eden is the ultimate foodie companion – her excitement knows no bounds when mealtime rolls around! She loves all of her toys and has been great at not touching what doesn’t belong to her.  Pantry food, furniture and shoe racks need not worry!

She enjoys lounging in the sunshine and long walks where she can explore and sniff everything.  She focuses well on her people, especially if you’ve brought treats!  She does well with an easy walker harness, as she can pull when something catches her attention. Eden is working on her training and foundational skills, and will sit on cue, even with dog or people distractions.

She loves belly rubs, is always ready to snuggle, and has been known to jump up on furniture to greet you and give hugs! Are you ready to welcome Eden into your heart and home?

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Not tested with Cats

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Yes, Good with Dogs

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Only tested with Kids Over 8 Years

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