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Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth
April 4, 2025

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Brownie

Meet Brownie! Her foster mom is a teacher and gives her a grade of A+++++! If she were writing Brownie’s report card, it would look like this:

Language Arts Strengths:

  • Excels at communicating wants and needs. For example, Brownie taps you lightly on the cheek when requesting more pets, and has a variety of chirps and squeaks to let you know if she is hungry (or bored!).  (Her sweet face and gentle taps usually get her exactly what she wants!)
  • Enjoys back and forth conversations with humans and adds lots of details when sharing her stores.

Math Strengths:

  • Is able to identify correct vs incorrect quantities of food down to the gram.
  • She is able to predict the trajectory of a thrown object with high levels of success.

Science Strengths:

  • Brownie demonstrates curiosity in her world. She is adept at finding new spaces to explore and is able to turn nearly anything into a toy.
  • She conducts experiments with friction and traction.  Brownie has discovered that running and sliding on hard floors increases her efficiency when chasing springs and toy mice.
  • Brownie is an observer of the outside world.  She spends hours watching and listening at windows and you can often find her relaxing on windowsills.

Physical Education Strengths:

  • Brownie’s high achievement in this area is evident in her performance.  She excels at climbing, running, chasing, and fetching.  This is a subject Brownie is passionate about.
  • She is not afraid of taking risks in her learning.  She is always excited to say hi to new human friends, and has shown success when playing alongside a small dog.

Areas for Growth:

  • Brownie is a ferocious (although inefficient) digger and she always uses the litter box.  It is recommended that she use a litter box with high sides (or top entry).
  • She is learning to respect the personal preferences of others. Humans have soft skin and cats have rough tongues: people do not require the same grooming process.  She is beginning to understand that not all people enjoy a cat tongue bath.

Notes from Brownie’s foster mom:

Brownie is a sweet, sweet girl. Her main goal is to spend as much time with her person as possible. She has recently started to become a lap cat (instead of a cat that sits tucked against you). She trills and chirps to her toys, her people, and whenever she sees something interesting – hearing her always makes me smile. She has begun to understand that some people don’t mind a little affectionate licking, and that some people don’t want that – she’s a smart cookie! She is curious about everything – if something makes a noise, she comes over to investigate. 

This sweet girl is gorgeous inside and out. Apply today!


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