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Collie, Smooth/Mix


Date of Birth
January 5, 2024

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About Peanut

Meet Peanut, our adorable and adventurous puppy with a heart full of curiosity and a spirit ready for any kind of fun.

Peanut has a particular fondness for outdoor activities, whether it’s playing an energetic game of fetch or enjoying a playful romp in the fresh snow. Her adventurous nature ensures she’s always ready for the next big adventure or exploration.

However, Peanut is not all about adventure and play. She also cherishes the quieter moments in life. One of her favorite pastimes is cuddling up with her family to watch a good hockey game. These calm moments are just as important to her as her active pursuits.

Peanut is not just playful and affectionate but also a quick learner. Her curiosity and eagerness to learn new things have led her to master several skills at an early age. She’s slowly becoming adept at house training, proving her ability to adapt and learn. In addition, she can comfortably sleep through the night in her crate, demonstrating her growing discipline and adaptability.

Moreover, Peanut has learned to follow commands effectively. She knows how to sit and lay down on cue, showcasing her intelligence and willingness to learn. Her ability to follow instructions makes her a joy to train and interact with.

Above all, Peanut is a wonderful companion. Her lively spirit, affectionate nature, and intelligence make her more than just a pet, but a fantastic friend. Her presence brings joy and liveliness to our lives, and we couldn’t imagine our home without her.

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