Hi! My name is




Domestic Medium Hair


Date of Birth
August 14, 2016

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Majestic

Meet Majestic, a delightful senior lady with a heart of gold. Her greatest wish is to be someone’s cherished companion, curling up in their lap and kneading biscuits every day.

Majestic loves to engage in conversations, especially when she’s hungry or seeking the perfect petting session. If she’s not pleased or feels overstimulated, she’ll express it with a grumbly meow or a gentle “love” bite followed by a lick.

Despite her age, Majestic still enjoys playful moments, often with a toy mouse or a wand. Her striking appearance includes adorable pantaloons, though her luscious coat needs regular brushing. She currently has a few patches of missing fur from past matting incidents.

While Majestic faces some mobility challenges, they haven’t dampened her spirits. She can’t leap high, but with time, she’s showing improvement. In her foster home, stairs have been provided to help her reach her beloved cuddle spots. Managing her litter box is no issue; she’s a pro in that department.

Majestic thrives in a calm household with low to moderate activity levels. Although she’s been introduced to other cats, she prefers to be the sole recipient of affection.

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