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German Shepherd/Mix


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December 13, 2023

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About Tassia

Meet Your New Fur Baby: Tassia!

Hello there! We’re thrilled to introduce you to Tassia, an adorable 3-month-old female puppy who is eagerly looking for her forever home. Tassia isn’t just your average pup; she’s a furry ball of love ready to bring joy and warmth into your life.

Tassia is a delightful blend of charm and intelligence. Despite her young age, she’s already mastered the art of house training and is learning leash manners quickly, making her the perfect companion for any household.

One of Tassia’s most lovable traits is her affectionate nature. She adores children and gets along well with cats, making her an ideal addition to families of all sizes. Whether she’s romping around in the backyard or snuggled up on the couch, Tassia’s loving disposition shines through in everything she does.

Tassia is a quick learner who is eager to please. Her love for treats makes training sessions a breeze, and she’s already showing remarkable progress in basic commands. With her enthusiastic attitude and willingness to learn, Tassia is sure to excel in obedience training.

Tassia’s dream home is one filled with love, laughter, and plenty of cuddles. She thrives in environments where she can receive the attention and affection she deserves, making her a wonderful match for families seeking a loyal and devoted companion. Tassia is sure to capture your heart from the moment you meet her.

Thank you for considering Tassia as your newest furry family member. Together, you can create countless memories and embark on a lifetime of adventures filled with wagging tails and wet kisses.

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