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German Shepherd/Mix


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October 1, 2023

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About Vincent

“Hello, my name is Vincent and I also respond to the nickname of “Otso.” Otso is a scared bear in Finnish mythology… I am a bit of a little bear myself.

Remember when we had a cold wave of temperatures 30 and 40 degrees Celsius below? Well, I would ask for the door, just to go lie down in the snow and look wistfully out at the frozen landscape. My fur is simply that thick – and that soft! I think you should give it a petting or two, just to see. Here, see, behind the ears? And on my back? Oh, and my white little belly, yes! Don’t forget to scratch the belly!

You see, I am very fond of people. I like to give and to receive a million kisses both. That’s when I’m in a cuddly mood. Sometimes, I’m in a Tasmanian devil mood. Then I run around and knock things offf tables (adorable, of course.) Currently, I am in a home with my big sister Blakely; technically, we’re the same age, but she is just so much bigger than I am! And we absolutely love each other – we love playing with each other, biting each other, stealing each other’s toys, and then napping it off together. I would love to grow up with her, too, but if that isn’t possible, I’m also quite fond of furry companions in general – even big dogs! I live with two at the moment as well.

I swear, sometimes I think I’m practically an angel. It’s just that maybe I happen to like nibbling on fingers and am still learning how to be entirely clean. I promise I make efforts, too; I would hate to disappoint my best friends, the humans.

Do you think you want to be my best friend, too? Look at my dark black eyes, aren’t you completely charmed? Don’t resist!” – xo, Vincent

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