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German Shepherd/Mix


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October 1, 2023

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About Blakely

“Greetings, humans. I am Blakely, and I look like a tiny baby wolf in the dark, and everybody loves me!

Okay, maybe I haven’t met everybody yet, but everybody who has met me has loved me. That’s quite the accomplishment, considering I had 10 siblings to compete with! I supposed I stand out because of my pretty black eyes… or my lustrous fur… or my tall, elegant legs.

Don’t you agree? If you do, I will kindly lick the back of your hand, my pleasure entirely. And perhaps I could just squeeze myself between your thigh and the couch armrest? And than perhaps I could simply and completely fall asleep? Like so. Don’t worry, you can pet me; I won’t wake up. Actually, I think I’m snoring.

Currently, I am in a home with my little brother Vincent; technically, we’re the same age, but she is just so much smaller than I am! And we absolutely love each other – we love playing with each other, biting each other, stealing each other’s toys, and then napping it off together. I would love to grow up with him, too, but if that isn’t possible, I’m also quite fond of furry companions in general – even big dogs! I live with two at the moment as well. I have fallen asleep quite a number of time spooning either one of them. I need the warmth, you see. It comforts me.

Oh, and certainly I don’t just spend my days sleeping, no, no. I run a lot. Have your heard of ”the zoomies”? Because I get them. All the time. And then I speed through the house, out into the yard, skidding back inside like a race car. You wouldn’t even believe how fast I am. Or maybe you would – but you will have to adopt me first. Will you take Vincent also? Oh, how I do cherish the little pest.

It’s okay if you can’t take us both, though; give me alllll your love, and I will offer you my loyalty, my heart, and my incredible speed!!” – xo, Blakely

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