Hi! My name is




Siberian Husky/Mix


Date of Birth
September 16, 2023

Located In

About Heims

“Hi, I’m Heims! Your new furry bestie with a heart of gold and a face that’ll make your heart melt!

I’m a bit shy at first, especially with little humans and other furry creatures, but give me some space and time, and I’ll warm up to you like a cozy blanket. During the day, I’m your trusty sidekick, always curious about what you’re up to and eager to help out.If you have to go out and leave me alone in my kennel, I’ll miss you for a bit, but then I’ll drift off to dreamland, where I’ll dream of us hanging out when you come back.

I’m a playful pup and love hanging out with my foster-brothers. We love to wrestle and chase each other around all day long! As for cats, I just want to play with them, but they seem to be a bit unsure of my playful spirit. When I need a break, your lap is the perfect spot for me to take a nap.

I’m a quick learner, especially when it comes to basic commands. Sit? Done. Good girl? You bet! And when nature calls, I’m becoming a pro at doing my business outside. At night, you’ll find me snoozing in my cozy kennel, comfortable and peaceful as can be.

I’m ready to be your loyal companion and can’t wait to find my forever home with you!” – xo, Heims

Good with Cats?

Mostly good with cats; however, likes to chase them

Good with Dogs?

Good with dogs after proper introduction

Good with Kids?

Yes, Good with Kids

Do I Need Special Care?


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