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Dee Dee





Date of Birth
August 1, 2023

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About Dee Dee

Introducing Dee Dee the Degu!

She is very curious and active, and very entertaining to watch! She requires a large sized enclosure and lots of enrichment to help her express the natural behavior as much as possible. Degus are social animals, live in large colonies on mountains of Chile, so it would be the best if Dee Dee has another female degu, to socialize with. She will also socialize with humans, coming to them, especially for a treat, but does not like being held for long. She may come to your hand when she starts trusting you and gets used to you.

Degus can produce different types of sounds with different meanings, and Dee Dee may greet you with chirping or whistling when relaxed! Degus eat hay, pellets, a little bit of veggies, and occasionally some other treats that are safe for them. They like to have a nice nest (will make one themselves and need material for that, like paper shavings), they need places to hide, climb and run (a rodent wheel ).

Dee Dee is endlessly curious and most often in some sort of action; it is never boring watching what she does! She stashes some of the food to consume later, and holds food with front paws when eating like a squirrel. She will need dust baths a few times a week, like chinchillas do.

Dee Dee is a cute sweetie that needs the right home! Are you the perfect match for her?

My adoption fee is: $35

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