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Choochoo / Beepbeep





Date of Birth
August 5, 2023

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About Choochoo / Beepbeep

“Hey there, future friends! We’re Beepbeep and Choochoo, the dynamic guinea pig duo ready to add a whole lot of cuteness and joy to your life. You see, we come as a pair package, and trust us, you wouldn’t want it any other way!

I’m Choochoo, the black and white beauty with the adorable cow licks in my fur. I’m the more laid-back, tranquil soul of the duo. My pal Beepbeep, with her short brown coat, is the lively one, always on the go and ready for some guinea pig fun. We might be a bit nervous at first, being young ladies and all, but give us a little time, and you’ll see our personalities shine. We’re the perfect blend of curiosity and caution, always ready for a new adventure together.

Now, when it comes to our cozy preferences, Beepbeep is all about the blankets. Give her a soft blanket, and she’s in guinea pig heaven, snuggled up and content. As for me, Choochoo, I’m all about the tranquility of a good hideout. A quiet spot to ponder the mysteries of the guinea pig world? Count me in! Together, we love exploring, racing around, and just having a blast together. And let’s not forget our shared love for yummy greens—we’re always up for a tasty treat!”

So, if you’re ready for double the guinea pig love, double the playfulness, and double the adorable antics, then we are the dynamic duo you’ve been waiting for. Let’s turn your home into a guinea pig paradise—two cute faces at a time!”

Our adoption fee is: $60

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