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German Shepherd/Mix


Date of Birth
September 20, 2023

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About Maxwell

“How much is that doggy in the window? Who me!!! I’m Mighty Maxwell and I am priceless!

I will bring a smile to your face, laughter to your lips, I’ll warm your heart and lick your chin if you get close. In return, you’ll give me your patience, your love, cuddle me ALL the time, play and give me food and treats. My Foster family is retired so they let me sit on their laps or beside them on the couch. I really will spend much of my day cuddling you and making you feel loved!

I am a 25 pound, determined little bundle. You’ll sometimes find me chasing a ball or tugging a toy with my 3 big dog foster sisters. I showed my family how I bring the ball right back and give it to them when they roll it for me. I love my ball. Having full time attention, human or dog, is the best. I haven’t played with any dogs smaller than me. You’ll hear me growl and pretend I’m tough when I play. You might hear the big cat growling just because I looked at him, grumpy cat. He will sneak onto the couch when I’m there napping. I pretend I don’t see him so he’ll stay with me.

You might hear me whine near the door because I’m trying to tell you I need to go outside for “potty time”. Sometimes I just use the pee pads instead, or go in front of the door if you don’t come quickly to let me out.

You’ll see me playing chase or curled up on the grandkids laps when they come over. You’ll see me sniffing everything along the way when we go for walks together. It’s a nice slow relaxed time for us to be together outside. My big foster sisters walk faster than me so I do try to keep up when we walk together.

I haven’t been left alone in a crate while my family is away but we will work on that. I’m just closed into an area with one of my foster dog sisters and we’re fine together. We’re never alone for more than a couple of hours.

When I was really small I “shivered”. My Fosters thought I was just cold because I was quite small, so they kept me cozy in a blanket and got me nice sweaters to wear. It didn’t help. You’ll see me “”shivering”” quietly on my own sometimes during the day and my head shakes. I get sort of a bit whiny and lie down before it happens, or I’ll ask you to pick me up and reassure me. The nice vets took my blood, and results were normal for those tests. However, I still have shivers and head bobs sometimes. It makes me tired when it happens, and I want to be cuddled MORE while I relax and fall asleep.

At night, you’ll find me tucked  me into my crate with a soft blanket to snuggle. I usually sleep soundly through the night beside your bed and am so excited to wake up and get our day started together – with a delicious bowl of breakfast!

Mighty Max. Sweet, cuddly, energetic, playful, loving. I’ll fill your world with joy. You won’t be disappointed that you’ve chosen me for your forever pup.” – xo, Maxwell

Good with Cats?

Yes, Good with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Only tested with Larger Breed Dogs

Good with Kids?

Yes, Good with Kids

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Medical Special Needs - History of tremors

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