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Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth
October 2, 2022

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Isidora

Hi I’m Isidora, a petite black & white cat, approximately 2 year old looking for her forever person or people.

So a little bit about me. I’ve been told I look like a very exotic but with amazing hair. I have beautiful amber eyes that I will gaze lovingly at you with all the time.  And not to brag but people always comment on how cute my ears are. Who can blame them they really are spectacular 😻!

My foster family says I’m pretty awesome and that I am a great houseguest.  My foster mom told me I have great table manners and keep my food on my plate, even after having dental surgery.  She also is amazed at how tidy I keep my litter area. I’ve never had an accident outside my box and unlike my furry foster brother, I don’t kick my litter everywhere when I’m done. I use my litterbox like the lady I am.  

Next up on things I love… CAT TREES; they are awesome!!  I never scratch the furniture; I only ever use my cat tree.  Not only is it great for scratching after my foster mom gives me a manicure (which by the way I sit very nicely for), they are great just to sit in.  Mine is amazing; it even has a little cave I like to snuggle into. I love spending lots of time on the cat tree watching the world go by inside the house and outside the window, then jumping down to give my legs a good stretch and to chase after my toys through my crinkle tunnel.  

Speaking of giving my legs a stretch, I know I’ve said my name is Isidora but I have been called Busy Isi by my foster mom and White Lightning by my foster dad. They say it’s because when I want to get somewhere, I like to go as fast as possible. Really why waste time if you know where you want to go, am I right?  😸

My foster mom says I can be quite chatty; she says it often sounds like a little bird is at her feet.  I like my foster parents a lot and follow them around if I’m not napping next to them or in my tree of course. I love the adult humans in my house. They respect my space and aren’t grabby. I’m not sure if I would like little humans as they move faster than I do and since I don’t like things moving quickly at me and or loud noises, I’m not sure if kids are for me.

Currently I live with my 2 foster brothers; one is a dog named Carl. He is a big guy – a border collie I think he said he was.  When we first met up, I wasn’t too sure about him; he was kind of scary with a big bark and I got a little scared. But he and I “talked” it out and we have a healthy respect for each other. I think I would be okay with a dog in the house as long as they are cat savvy, understand cat language and we get to know each other slowly.

The other foster brother I have is a cat named Monty and I think he is OK… although I do love his thick fluffy tail and may have stalked it & tried to catch it once or twice with my fingernails. Let me tell you he really didn’t like that! So we yelled at each other as siblings do sometimes. Now we are taking it slow again, and we are starting to become okay to hang out in the same room and just keep an eye on each other.  For the most part we just respect each other’s space and leave each other be,  although I really do want to catch his tail and show him I’m the boss.   It’s a good thing we have our own bedrooms to sleep in at night since boys can be such trouble. 

As you can see by my photos I literally wear my heart on my sleeve… I guess  if I want to be more accurate, I should say I wear it on my side.  Just know that once I fall in love with you, I will follow you to the ends of the earth or well the ends of house since I’m not allowed outside.   I’m a snuggler extraordinaire; I will curl up or stretch out on your lap every night to watch TV, read a book with you or just hang out.  I just want to be close to you most of the time.

 I really do love being the centre of attention but with slow introductions, I could possibly share you with other furry creatures, but I’m okay to be your one and only as well.

If I sound like your kind of girl AND a good match for you, apply today and let’s arrange a meet up – xoxo Isidora

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