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I’m an Animal in Care at AARCS



Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix


Date of Birth
September 25, 2022

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About Bisbee

Meet Bisbee!

Bisbee is a lovable character with a heart full of happiness, and he’s all about living life to the fullest. This spirited pup is a true outdoor enthusiast, and he’s on the hunt for a forever home that can keep up with his zest for outdoor adventures.

Bisbee’s sweet and endearing nature makes him an absolute joy to have around, but he does struggle with separation anxiety. So, his new family would need to work diligently with him to build his confidence and help him understand that they’ll always come back. It’s an investment in time and patience that will be richly rewarded by the love and companionship he provides.

Basic obedience training is on the agenda for Bisbee, and he’s a food-motivated pup, which is a fantastic asset for training. With treats and positive reinforcement, he’s sure to learn the ropes quickly and become the well-behaved and lovable companion you’ve been dreaming of.

Bisbee enjoys the company of other dogs, although he’s got some puppy behaviors and manners to fine-tune. It’s all part of the growing process, and with the right family, he’ll blossom into a great playmate and friend for other pups.

In summary, Bisbee is a bundle of happiness and adventure, waiting to explore the great outdoors and share a lifetime of love with a devoted family. If you’re ready for the excitement and joy that Bisbee brings, he’s eager to be your sidekick on all your future journeys. Let the outdoor adventures begin!

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Slow introductions due to puppy behaviours

Good with Kids?

Not tested with Kids

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioral Special Needs - Separation anxiety

Animal In Care

This animal is currently an Animal in Care with AARCs and is not available for adoption at this time.

Please note that applications will not be accepted for this animal until they have been posted on our Adoptable Animals page.

Our website is updated daily so please check back on their progress and availability.

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