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Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix


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September 10, 2023

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About Merry

Meet Mighty Mouse Merry – the pup who proves great things come in small packages!

Merry is an agile pup who can run fast, jump high, and has no problem wrestling with her brother who is twice her size. Merry has a cute wrinkled face and the darkest coloured eyes that never seem to miss what’s going on in her world. There is nothing she likes better than to jump up on the chair and sit beside you. She will lie quietly for the longest time, especially if you talk or even sing to her. No problem if you aren’t great at small talk or can’t carry a tune, Merry will focus on you and act like there’s no place she would rather be.

Merry is a social butterfly and when it comes to greeting humans it doesn’t matter who comes to the yard or the door, her tail is wagging and she wants to meet them. Merry would be happy to have another dog, no matter the size, to hang out with in her forever home.

First thing in the morning Merry want’s out of her enclosed area and if she has to wait she will let you know with a few sharp barks. She has no problem waiting for breakfast but no way does she want to mess up her living area.

This little pup will play hard with her much larger brother, usually beating him to a toy. If her brother is too slow and in the way, rather than go around she will leap over top of him, land on her feet and keep running. Another one of her endearing traits is she does not, like the majority of young puppies, have the urge to teeth on her people’s hands but would rather chew on a tasty bully stick. Merry is the perfect mix of time to eat, play hard, then cuddle up and relax.

Come meet Merry, the pup that is guaranteed to make you smile.

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