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German Shepherd/Mix


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May 16, 2023

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About Kaleo

“Just a fuzzy black pup; I was hungry and feeling alone; They put me in the back seat; Told me they were taking me home.” (Chris Stapleton, Maggie’s Song)

“Hello There, Kaleo here!!! I get called Kilo. I am a little black pup enjoying life with my Foster.” – xo, Kaleo

Kaleo is a loving, energetic and goofy puppy. He is so trusting and faithful to his fosters. He loves to be outside zooming around the yard, playing with toys, favourite toys are balls. He likes to play fetch, working on ‘Drop It’. He comes when called, will sit, shake a paw and down. He can get goofy and nippy if over stimulated, then want to sit on your lap like a baby. He never gets bored with his treat puzzle.

Kaleo is so close to saying he is potty trained. Trying the bell training recently, he seems to be getting it. He is very subtle letting you know he wants out during the day, hoping the bells will work. We work on a schedule now, we encourage him to go potty. Sleeps through the night (6-7 hours) but will let you know if he needs out to do his business, then back to bed. He does sleep in his bed on floor. He wakes us in morning with paws on bed and a little whine.

Mealtime is one of his favourite times of the day. He enjoys his food, will sit and wait until he is told “It’s yours, Enjoy” His morning playtime with neighbor dog is also a daily favourite, she is teaching him all the respectable dog behaviors. Kaleo is not an alpha dog, he is very confident and has really impressed us with how he responds to each dog he meets.

Kaleo has not been kenneled very much, foster Mom works at home, so he really enjoys lying on doorstep ensuring the backyard is safe. He is very aware and will let us know if he thinks something is suspicious.

Kaleo would do great with an active FUR-EVER family. He would be good with an older resident dog to help him on his journey to becoming an even better faithful family dog.

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Not tested with Cats

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Yes, Good with Dogs

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Only tested with Kids Under 8 Years

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