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Goose & Maverick





Date of Birth
August 4, 2021

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About Goose & Maverick

Hello there! We are Goose and Maverick, and as our names imply, we are best buds! We are a curious duo who will greet you with happy guinea squeaks, wanting to get to know you better. We’ll also reach out and give your hand a quick sniff hello!

Even though we are a duo, there is no way you couldn’t tell us apart! While we both have slick short coats, Goose’s is mostly white with a cute patch of color on his backend. Maverick has a lovely tri-colored coat, ready to strut his stuff for you with a walk around our pen. When we aren’t showing off our lovely looks, we enjoy spending time relaxing in our covered enclosures, sneaking in a nap or two when we can. When nap time is over, you’ll see us munching away on our pellets and hay, which we thoroughly enjoy!

Veggies and treats are our fave and we will happily take them from your hand! We are working on feeling brave when you try to pet us and Goose now allows gentle pets on his head.

If you are looking for a couple of friends who can light up your life with our cute and quirky personalities, then we would love to meet you!

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Our adoption fee is $60!

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