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Domestic Medium Hair


Date of Birth
July 31, 2021

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Azora

Looking for a feline companion who’s elegant, gentle and affectionate? Meet Azora, a captivating cat who just finished raising 2 wonderful kittens. Now that her little ones have been weaned and ready to find their forever homes, it’s her turn to shine. Azora is a vision of beauty with her shiny black coat. Her enchanting eyes hold a world of secrets but her personality is an open book of charm and warmth. 

This lovely lady enjoys moments of quiet contemplation, often finding the perfect spot by the window to watch the world go by. While she appreciates her quiet time, she’s equally excited about play sessions that bring out her playful side. Laser pointers and feathered toys are her favourites.

As the day comes to an end, Azora will seek out company, curling up the couch or bed next to you. Her gentle purring will wash away any stress and you’ll find comfort in her presence during both quiet evenings and lively conservations.

If you are looking for loyal, loving and low maintenance companion, Azora is for you! Apply today!

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Not tested with cats

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Not tested with dogs

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History of URTI (Cat Cold)

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